Magnificent 7th 2014 / 1 New Year

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

New Year’s Eve hold a lot of promise for some people, a glimmer of hope for a new start. Sadly it tends to be a day of disappointment, nothing ever changes and you’re having a crap time.
One of my friends used to have a house party on NYE and it was always fun but never fantastic, before that we’d go to the pub and I’d be not only the 3rd wheel but what I like to call the 5th wheel, me and two couples who started off not so coupley but by midnight I’d be ready for chucking myself under the nearest bus if only they ran on NYE.

We then progressed to going for a curry which again would be ok but really sat eating special mango chicken being sprayed with Tesco cava (they didn’t even try to hide the labels) at midnight again isn’t my idea of fun.

The year before last (well 2 now) I was too ill to go out but it sounded like they had a cracking night, tears, fights, breakups I was happy to be in bed by midnight!

Last year (2012/13) me and my friend went for a curry which was fab then we headed to a local pub where there was a private party and it was a cracking night, well it must have been I have very little memory of it! My friend lost the ability to speak after midnight and not her voice just words weren’t coming out in sentences. Best NYE so far.

This year I had no plans and while I love my friends, I couldn’t face another curry so I booked tickets to see a show in Manchester with my mum. I held the promise of a nice calm relaxing NYE. Afternoon show. A few drinks and a lift home!

The show was awful, the seats uncomfortable and we were falling asleep and I haven’t had my email from AGT to rate the show!

We headed back to the pub for some food then got the bus home as it was only 5pm.
I got home PJs on then got indigestion, 8 rennies later and I felt crap I burped my way into the New Year all with the addition of bloody Gary Barlow advertising his way through BBC1’s NYE Celebrations!

I dislike him so much, if you follow me on twitter you will know my dislike, if you know me in person you will have seen my impression of him.

While this is a challenge post I was going to show you what I wore on the day itself but we had breakfast out and I spilt baked beans all down me on the first forkful! It really set me up for the day.
I can’t say NYD was any more exciting, trip to Tesco and then ASDA to buy food then to visit my grandparents and check my granddad was behaving on his new tablets!

I know I have ranted on a bit and despite my misery and waffling and complaining I am looking forward to 2014.

I have a few things planned in, starting with a 30th Birthday in a couple of weeks (not mine that ship sailed long ago), there are a couple of clothes swaps I’m hoping to get to. Sheffield 8th Feb and Leeds 3rd May.

Big Boogie Prom in March, I’m not 100% sure I can make this but I’ve reserved a hotel room with free cancellation just in case.

A 40th celebration in April which I really want to go to, need to check hotels out and potentially another meet up with some fab lasses the same month.

On to May, well the clothes swap I’ve mentioned, my birthday and I’m organising a meet up in Manchester for plus size folk, nothing fancy shopping and food but life is good. There is also a blogging conference I’m trying to justify the cost of but will have to wait till payday to decide.
I’ve got things planned for the first 5 months and who knows what else will come up between now and then.

Have you got things penciled in the diary already?

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