One Hop This Time....January Round Up

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

As I type we have officially entered February. I’ve had a quiet January blog wise.

I keep banging on about it but I’ve been having my room renovated and it’s finally done bar a new carpet and bed.

The highlights of the month for me are the #OMCZ challenge I organise, you can tell January is a long month as we’ve had three challenges, Pretty Pencils, Keeping it Casual and Accessories.

I’m also organising a Meet up in Manchester for plus sized people, nothing fancy just a group of fab people. Meeting up, going shopping, and eating cake. I’ve set up an event on FB at the moment it’s invite only. If you’d like to come add me as a friend on FB and let me know and I can sent you an invite.

I also took part in Body Confidence Week 2014 I didn’t do all the posts but it was a fab idea and I will be taking part in the next one.
I’m trying to get my head in gear and now my room is done I should be able to start taking part in more challenges. I did my Magnificent 7th post but it was so whiney and whingey I won’t share it again! I did however share my best sales bargain in my Just another blogging challenge post.

Earlier this month I went to Wakefield to celebrate my lovely friend Rebs 30th Birthday. I had a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to meet up with her again and lots of other lovely people. I think the next opportunity will be at big boogie prom at the end of March.

On my way home from Wakefield I popped in to Eek which is part owned by Pesky Chloe of Life’s Big Canvas who I adore, I’d only seen her the day before at Rebs birthday but I thought I’d go and see the shop for myself after lusting over pictures on Facebook. If you are in Leeds go visit them. It is such an amazing place full of treasures. I wish I could go to Leeds more often but in some ways it’s good for my purse!

In early January, I was feeling a bit blue hearing about people being invited to amazing events and my social and blog calendar is filling up fast!

Here are the things I have thought of, off the top of my head and I’m sure there are other ones in between and if you have anything planned let me know.

February –
A well overdue Haircut
Events in Manchester

Friend’s baby’s christening
Big Boogie Prom

Friends Birthday
Annual Leave from work

Annual Leave from work
Clothes swap in Leeds
Mine and my mum’s birthdays
Manchester Meet up

Friends Hen do

Friend’s wedding

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