Rad Fat Manchester Meet Up

Friday, January 03, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

After a fantastic chat on FB with some other amazing Plus Size Bloggers, discussions about meeting up in different parts of the country came up and there are quite a few of us who are local to Manchester but have never met. 

Now i'm rubbish at organising things and things usually fall apart but I have decided to arrange a meet up in Manchester at the end of May (Saturday 31st). It won't be anything fancy, it will just be a group of amazing people meeting, shopping, laughing, eating cake and having a couple of drinks. 

There are no real plans at the moment and it's a long way off but I'm thinking if we meet about dinner time, pop in the arndale get some lunch or afternoon tea (tea and cake what's not to love) then if people are travelling / staying over / wanting to stay out we can go out for more food and then on to some bars. 

If you are a plus size blogger and would like to come please let me know, leave me a message, drop me an email or if you add me on FB and send me a quick message. I can send you an invite to the event on there

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  1. Hiya, would this be open to people who don't blog but do read a lot of PS blogs? I do twitter a bit, and have met up with other bloggers (mainly at Plus North). I would love to come to a fats meetup in Manchester.

  2. Hi I don't see why no, add me on FB or twitter @Seeingspots_if you haven't already (sorry i don't recongise your name :0( and I'll let you know the details) x

  3. Looking forward to this already! I think I might come up on the Friday as I have about a 4 hours journey x


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