In a Funk

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

I just wanted to let you all know I am still around and I will be back soon just taking some time away from the blog. Mainly because I haven't got the time to post, take pictures, write, go to work. 

I use the family Desktop or my mums net book to blog and recently someone has always been on one or the other when I get the motivation to do a post. 

I've had a crap month money wise and i've spent up 2 weeks before payday, I don't mean I really shouldn't do X, Y,Z cos i'm running low I'm officially over my overdraft limit! Opsie! 

I'm going to get my laptop back from my gran's soon but it's really old and slow so need to try and see if I can work out how to make it go faster. Any advise would be much appreciated and then maybe I can get into a routine! 

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  1. I hope you get the opportunity to get cracking again soon. x

  2. Thanks, I've made my dad get my Laptop back from my gran so i'm making small steps by replying to my Disqus comments (some were 3 weeks old!) ops!

    tomorrow i'm going to try and do a couple of posts from your love everybody challenge. I have them on paper just need to type them and take photo's and then get a pad and make some lists.

    I think I feel like i fall behind so then I feel bad but don't do anything.

    I've been meaning to read all the posts for the last OMCZ but haven't had time and then i didn't want to blog till i'd done that now it's almost time for the next one(I think I don't know I need to find my diary) and still done neither!!

    I don't know why i do it to myself! xxx

  3. Go easy on yourself, you work long days so it's inevitable you can't do everything....well not all at once anyway. ;) The next one is due 2nd March (I better send email reminders) but don't worry about being late, just tweet me as you do each post so I can RT/post to my Facebook page to get you some more views & comments. x x x

  4. Thank you. I know i've not been feeling blogging as my diary hasn't been out of my bag for a fortnight, which reminds me I need to send the OMCZ reminder out it's due on Wed x


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