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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

Yesterday I went to my friends babies Baptism, I couldn't think of what to get her and someone at work told me about Beary Special on Facebook. 

I decided to contact them and ask if they could do a Hanging Heart decoration in Purples

My friend loves purple it was the theme for her wedding and I thought it would be nice to carry that theme through (I hope she still likes purple!)

Before I get to the actual gift I want to show you the post bag it came in! Pink and Spotty! this made me smile so much. 


When I contacted her she sent me a photo of the purple fabric she had and It was all really pretty so I asked her to user her own judgement and she booked it in her diary for 22nd February and said she'd email me with a photo of the final item before she sent a paypal invoice. 

I got and email with the photo on 24th February, paid 25th and it arrived 26th, which I'm really happy with. 

When I opened the envelope it was wrapped in purple tissue and it seemed such a shame to open it but I knew I wanted to see it in person before I gave it to my friend. 


Each heart is beautiful and it is such a lovely touch to have something hand made and personalised. 

Heart 1 babies Name
Heart 2 - On your Baptism
Heart 3 - Date of Baptism
 You can have pretty much whatever you want within reason on the hearts, I was going to have the name of the church but it's quite a long name and didn't fit properly

I should have tidied up my shelves but I was too excited to see it. 


This cost me £6.40 in total including P&P which I don't think is bad value and it was a nice experience dealing with Rebecca from Beary Special, I had to share.

She makes a wide variety of things and they make a lovely present. 

*This isn't a sponsored post i'm just thrilled! 

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