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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

I've made it to the 4th March and I'm still blogging, I fear that I'm fast running out of topics and apologies if this month becomes boring. 

Although I do think I've got some interesting posts coming up. 

As my room is almost done, I decided I needed a blogging space. I've liberated my laptop from my grans and as it is a full size laptop it is heavy and hot so you can't sit with it on your legs for log (lap top my eye!

I decided to look for lap top tables and found this one in Asda for £15. They also sell it in red. 

It is only small and just fits at the end of my bed. It is the perfect hight to sit on the settee and blog from and I have taken it down stairs a few times. 

My bed is quite high and as you can see form the picture it's not the best hight for it, but we have a little buffet that my mum made and I'm using that for the moment. 

As I've mentioned one or two times I'm a stationary queen, I got the pads out and started making notes. I have my planner for the month but I also like to make notes in a pad and will do draft posts. I got the mini clipboard from quality save and I've made a list of posts I want to write this month. Once I know what the title is it does in the note book and any fixed challenges such as the #OMCZ challenge that I take place regularly is already in the diary. 

I am also trying to get draft posts written and scheduled where I can. 

I think having my own laptop back and a space to blog is really going to help me. 

Do you have a dedicated blog routine? Do you plan? do you scheduled?  any tips or trick are much appreciated? 

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  1. Ah this is something I need to work on too! For me I have so much I want to talk about and I have a zillion draft posts in the making but I am trying to make sure I keep my blog interesting to others and well balanced too.

    Looking forward to reading more of your March posts


  2. Ooh, where's that little clip pad thing from? It looks so cute. x x

  3. Normally i'm happy with a couple of posts a week but as I've done so few so far this year I wanted to challenge myself! still need to do a couple more for a full week but i've got some in draft covering a lot of March :)

  4. The clipboard is from Quality Save, I think it's the same as home bargains as they seem to stock the same stuff x

  5. Ah balls, we don't get either down South. I need to move! ;) x

  6. yay that is awesome. Go you! Looking forward to reading them all xx

  7. People keep telling me they don't have them down south but they really are all over the country, them and B&M. I can't remember where abouts down south you are but this is the link to the B&M store locator xxx

  8. 31 miles away is the nearest. Not too bad at all, but a place I'd never go to so I'll look out for one next time I go visiting. :) x x x


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