Growing out my short hair do

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

If you follow me on twitter I've been asking for tips on growing hair, looking at hair extensions on Amazon and I bought some Lee Stafford Grow your hair shampoo from boots.

I've decided to start documenting the length of my hair and how i'm getting on growing my hair,

Last February I decided I was bored of having long hair and got it cut, I spent the next few months going shorter, then in September I changed my mind. I need to tie my hair up in a bobble.

As I was going to a wedding in early October I had it cut again then spent October to February growing it. It was starting to get very mullet like and gave in and had it cut. During this period I was using the Lee Stafford shampoo and do feel like it made my hair have a growth spurt.

Back of hair 2nd March 2014
 I've had my hair short a number of times and I don't remember it being this much hard work to grow, I might just be more concious with taking blog photo's
Right Side 2nd March 2014
 I hate the sides at the moment and I don't tend to wear my hair brought forward like this, I usually have a couple of grips in each side.
Left Side 2nd March 2014
 The front looks a bit off in this photo, it is growing but not fast enough.

I keep seeing the below image on pinterest and when I've googled growing hair tips etc. I like to think I'm coming up to be image 3 but in reality I think I'm just leaving style 2.

There seems to be quite a gap between 3 &4. I am aiming for style 6.
I know I will need regular trims, I'm going to try and do this roughly every 12 weeks until it gets to a Bob type style then I'm going to leave it for longer.

My aim is do to these posts on a monthly basis and i've even wrote in my diary to take photo's monthly!

Have you ever grown your hair out from a short style? Best tip? 

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  1. Patience! I'm like you- I grow it, then I cut it short, then I grow it again. It's so frustrating waiting for your hair to grow back and decent extensions can be really expensive. I think you're doing the right thing looking after it and having regular trims x

  2. I'm always the same I change my mind all the time. I'm just looking forward to being able to tie it back in a bobble!

  3. When I shaved all of my hair off it seemed to take forever to grow back, so after that I decided to grow my hair and have only trimmed it a couple of times since and its past my shoulders now. Although I'm getting a bit fed up wit it, I never know what to do with it.
    I never used anything special when growing it back, just my usual shampoo and conditioner.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your hair journey :)

  4. Thank you, it is more than likely a marketing ploy that i've been sucked in by, but my hair feels nice and it smells amazing!

    i've put a new tab on my header for my hair growinf journey! Planning on taking photo's every month so we'll see how I go x

  5. Oh I've grown mine yup, from about a3/ 4 but it was ultra short at the back to I think I'm now an 7/8 advice just treat it well, a good omega supplement. Don't over process and don't get it cut LOL


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