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Friday, March 28, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

This post is long over due, on 16th March I met up with some other local bloggers at an event organised by Danielle and Anastasia at Revolution in Deansgate Locks. 


I was super early which I almost always am, but this was an hour too early. I'd planned on looking round the shops then hopping on the number 2 free bus to the Locks but as it was St Patricks day Parade the bus route was diverted and I thought I'd walk to see how long it'd take (Surprisingly less time than you'd think)

I did a tour of the block and headed back to Starbucks on Quay Street. I thought I'd do some blog planning but I hadn't brought a pen or a pad (what kind of blogger am I?) 

I headed back over and walked in at the same time as Laura and we sat together in the main bar before we spotted people heading up to the mezzanine level. 


We were warmly greeted and given our goodie bags and we took a seat at the bar right next to these delicious cake pops made by Danielle. 

It was great to have our own space and own personal bar person, I even got ID'd made my day. I'm sure I tweeted about it 5 times and told everyone I know! The last time I can remember getting ID'd was my 18th Birthday! 


I got ID's for this yummy cocktail, sadly I have forgotten it's name but I think it was Vodka, cranberry and soda maybe something else. 


It was great to meet up with other bloggers that I'd not met of heard of before and I did see Laura who is organising Blog On and I haven't seen her for almost 12 months and I've only met her once before but it was good to a familiar face. 

I did only speak to about 5 people and didn't try to mingle, I know I should but I'm still not quite there yet. 

Sadly I didn't win a raffle prize but this is what was in the goodie bag. 

I'm currently using the carrot moisturiser and the bit of rough cloth and will review them soon. I've tried one of the teas and the one I had wasn't for me but I do usually like flavoured tea so will give another one a try soon! 

Thank you to both Danielle and Anastasia for organising a great afternoon. 

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