#OMCZ 27 - Red Carpet Glamour

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

I am running a bit late with this challenge but i'm here and I've done it!

The theme was chosen by Becky and with the awards season in mind she picked Red Carpet Glamour.

I had a few Ideas for this but as i'm still working on a limited wardrobe went with a dress I'd got as a possible Christmas Party dress. 

Red Carpet Glamour - Dress Size 22 Tesco 
I didn't end up wearing this dress as I got yet another one and it's been sat in my wardrobe ever since. 

The dress is in two parts, the skirt is thick jersey and the tops is two layers. Flesh coloured fabric with the black lace top over it.
Red Carpet Glamour - Dress Size 22 Tesco 
I kept it simple no jewellery and a slick of MUA Matt red lippy, the top half of the dress is really fitted and one you might not want to love around much in but in theory it should be ok to sit down in as the skirt is jersey but I have never tried to sit down in this frock!

If you want to check out the other glamorous lovelies there links are below:

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  1. Running late but looking gorgeous!! ;)*

  2. Thank you, I was thinking fashionably late! x

  3. My pleasure, it's a total winner! I forgot to say I love your new header too. x x x

  4. Aww thanks, I was tinkering before and accidentally deleted the old one and it's saved to a random memory card so I chucked the new one together on pickmonkey.

    Think I'll do a overhaul soon but need to find the time x


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