Plus Size Bloggers You Are Good Enough - #PSBYouAreGoodEnough

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

Debz did a shout out at the beginning of March to see if anyone wanted to take part in a blogger collaboration #PSBYouAreGoodEnough from something she'd seen on this Tumblr account.

Anything that is to do with being body positive and inspiring others is good in my view so I readily waved my hands in the air to take part.

We are all good enough, yes there is always room for improvement in area's of self and life but on the whole we are fine as we are and this post wants to celebrate that.

What do we like about ourselves, at the beginning of March I did a LEB post From The Neck Up and discovered I actually like my face, my eyes, my eyelashes and my eyebrows.

My face makes me who I am, it is me. I think I can be funny and fun and I am a good hearted person.

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