What to wear to a Baptism

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

Tomorrow I'm off to a Baptism of my friends little girl and I wasn't stressed about what to wear at all. I had it planned in my head until I realised I don't have any coats other than my work Parker to wear and as all the stuffing is coming out and really could use some quality time with a JML bobble off machine. (I have never seen a bobble off in real life a work colleague told me he uses one on his couch and it sounds what I need for my coat)

I also bought a new dress from New Look last weekend so that has changed my plans from my original Simply Be spotty dress.

I got the dress in a size 24 as when I tried on the 22 it felt too small all over, the 24 is over sized on the top but fits me ever where else, but it looks like it needs a belt to hide the join. 

I nipped into Primark and spotted this black and gold belt, I was really surprised to find the the L/XL goes round my waist and I think it will look ok with the dress. 

I've also been looking for a chunky necklace for a while but as I have a huge neck most of them either don't fit or are like a chocker on me, this one feels ok, I also got a gold bracelet with a heart pendant on it. 

I'm feeling happy with my choices, but I have just realised that I have no tights here, they are all packed up in my grans garage and I haven't shaved my legs since mid January. 

Do you think I can wear my pleather biker jacker or denim jacket to a baptism? 

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