World Book Day 2014

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

Just a quick nod to World Book Day 2014. I love reading and I always have at least one book on the go. 

I thought I'd take some time to tell you about some of my favourite books and books I think are worth a read. I'm not saying you will enjoy them or you should read them. They are books I've liked. 

One of the most recent books I've read is 12 Years a Slave By Solomon Northup, unless you've been under a rock you can't fail to have heard of this. It's about a Man who is born free in America but who is sold into slavery and not surprisingly is a slave for 12 years. After reading this books I've watched a few American who do you think you are's and they have all touched on this area of American History and it is something that I'd really like to learn more about. This book can be quite hard to read and I think I'm going to watch the film and read it again as I often find this helps. 

My all time favourite book and one I've read countless times is The Princess Bride By William Goldman. I first came about this story like many people via the film which I randomly bought off a school friend when we had a class charity auction when I was in year 7, a few years later I spotted the book and like many films I knew I had to have it. If you've seen the film you will know the story but there is love, adventure, fighting, giant rats. If I could only read one book for the rest of my life I'd pick this one. 

Now I read a lot and it would take me a week to list every book I've ever read. I do have a goodreads account which I keep forgetting to update! but feel free to have a browse of the books I've read. (I'll add thr link once I can get back into my account. I've forgot my password! 

You might see a bit of a theme. I seem to alternate between chick lit and crime.

I've read all but two of the Kathy Reiches Bones series, I also read a lot of american and British crime books. 

I will read pretty much anything but there are some books I've never read and really don't want to. I'm in no way a book snob but I can't bring myself to read any of the 50 shades books and I really don't like the shopaholic books.

I also like young adult books, I've read all the Harry Potters, Twilight, Dark Materials and a few other teen vampire high school books. 

When I was at school I used to love the Point Horror and Point Romance books and read most of the Sweet Valley High books (I wanted to be Elizabeth) 

There are so many books out there and I really need access to my goodreads account to share a lot more but these are recent favourites 

The Help - Kathryn Stockett.
Room - Emma Donoghue
Clueless - H. B. Gilmour
PS I love you - Cecelia Ahern
Good Night Mr Tom -
The Famous Five - Enid Blyton
Journey to Jo'burg - Beverley Naidoo

What was the last book you've read? which book do you go back to time after time? 

I'm taking part in a book swap shortly, I'm looking forward to getting some new books picked for me by someone else

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