Big Boogie Prom 2014

Monday, April 07, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

The weekend before last I went to the Big Boogie Prom organised by the Lovely Rebs, I got the train over and I'm happy to report that i'm beginning to like this train journey and made friends with a little old couple who I had to help to by googling train transfers. There was also the same train ticket person who's praises i'd been singing to this couple and I told her. She remembered the previous journey and seems to be a really lovely person and is a credit to Northern Rail (makes a change to be nice about them) 

I'm in love with this model of Wakefeild outside the station as well. 

If you've seen my previous posts about my trip to Wakefield for Rebs 30th in January you may be getting a lot of Deja Vu, Same train journey same hotel but this time I went for a superiour room. 

I still managed to make the same amont of mess! 

The prom had been moved to a smaller room but it was still a good size and Betty, Jen and Lee did the music we even had the 5ive megamix which had most people up dancing and the rest hanging their heads! 

It was a fantastic event and everyone was really warm, welcoming and it was such a postive and friendly event. 

I love meeting up with friends and meeting new people, some who i've been speaking to online for quite a while and others who I want to keep in touch with. 

I hope no one minds but I've borrowed a couple of the official pictures taken by Reb's family. (not totally sure who to credit!) 

I love this picture of me Rebs and Chloe. 

There was also the group photo, how amazing does everyone look! 

I'd nipped outside for a ciggy and when I came back in the lights were up and everyone but me in possition for the photo, someone shouted here she is and my normal reaction would be flight, run as far as I can and hide. I don't like anyone drawing attention to me. But I didn't run. I had a mild panic inside then ran over and joined in! 

I know when I was drunk I was trying to explain this to someone and I'm sure I repeated myself over and over again, apologies to who ever that person or people are! 

I hope I didn't make a fool of myself, I'm sure I did at some point I usually do!

I can't express enough how much I loved this event and can't say thank you enough to all who organised it! I hope they have have many more of these. I for one will be buying a tickert and I think everyone should come along

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