How I dry my hair

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hey lovelies, 

I like reading these kind of posts so I thought I thought I'd give one ago. 

As you know I'm trying to grow my hair so I'm having to actually dry my hair for work and I thought i'd give the straighteners I won at #Fabb Manchester a run while I was at it. 

My hair straight from the shower. 

These are the main products I use.

My hair gets really knotty. Over the years I've tried loads of de-tangling products and I think the Lee Stafford Breaking Hair spray is the best for my hair, it doesn't leave it with loads of build up or any greasiness.

V05 plump it up volumising lotion. this doesn't add loads of body but it does make my hair fall a bit better than without it.

Lee Stafford Flat iron mist I use before the straighteners and a fianl finish with V05 smooth does it.

I might have a thing for pink hair products!

The other bits. Hairdryer, this is a very cheap (under £10) from superdrug. It isn't fantastic but gets the job done and for the price is pretty good for me.

Grippy clip (is there a technical term for this?)

Wide tooth comb - primark
Tangle teezer
vent brush
Hedgehog brush

Step one: Quick spritz with de-tangler and a run through with the wide tooth comb. 

My hair does get really knotty so I spray with the plump it up and run over it with the tangle teezer. 


I start with my hair gripped about half upand use the vent brush for the first few mins but I then switch to the hedgehog brush for finishing. 


Once my hair is dry i spray the flat iron mist and fire up the straighteners. 

These have a digital disply and you can use the buttons on the inside to choose the heat setting. I tend to go with the hottest.

I'd say these don't get to a full 230. I could still touch my hair straight after running the straighteners over my hair. (I can't do this with the ten year old GHD's or my curling wand) 

It has also given me a few kinks but I think this might be my technique!

Over all i'm pretty happy how my hair turned out, I don't mind that they don't get to a full 230 but my hair is pretty well behaved for being straight. if your hair is more resistant to being straight they might not be for you. 

If you're curious about the change of outfit mid photo's I was taking OOTD photo's in between. Told you I could multitask!!! 

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  1. Wow, a very complex routine, I could never be bothered with all that, which is probably why my ahi looks poop.

  2. Looking back it does look complex but it really doesn't take long and i only dry my hair once in a blue moon so worth it when I do bother!


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