Magnificent 7th - April 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

This is my belated Magnifcent 7th post. This months theme is something you never wear.

Errrr well I've never worn this before because it's new. However it is something I'd never normally wear as it need ironing! Or it will once it's been washed!

I've been looking at this dress one and off for a few weeks it's from my ever favourite crazy clearance shop and it was £10.99 but they had a 25% off event so it was an even better bargain. 

My mum said she's seen it on line for £13.99. It reminds me a bit of a nurses uniform but it's really comfy and touch wood none of the buttons popped open on me!

The fabric is quite thin and the light does shine through it a little bit, but I always wear leggins rather than tights / bare legs so I'm not too worried about this!

I'm really happy with my bargain although i'm not looking forward to having to iron it!

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