Marisota Pop Up Event in Manchester

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

Last week I went to the Marisota pop up shop in Manchester and met up with some other plus size bloggers which is always a massive bonus to any event  in my book. 

I'd walked past the venue the morning before and it was an empty shell with a couple of work men inside and they had transformed it into a chic boutique. 

We were met by the PR team and quickly introduced to Mark Hayes who has his own line in Marisota. 

He was lovely, really warm and friendly and spent lots of time talking us through all the lines not just his own. 

This was his favourite peice and I really like this coat but I know it would look like i'd been dragging it behind a car after two mins. (I know my limitations!) 

We're an attentive bunch us bloggers (oooo look at the red spotty dress!) 

Mark also showed us this fab tunic dress with a floral print, now I kept saying I avoid black and as a rule I do but I can't stop thinking about this dress and I've noticed myself wearing a lot of black this past two weeks!

We got asked to choose a few items to try on and because the changing rooms were busy they got us a big room to try on, we even had a clothes rail. I loved all the shapeologist saying are you sure you don't mind sharing and ooo you have to promise to come out and show us what you're trying on. 

My first pick was the red spotty dress, I initially tried it without the jacket but Mark decided I needed to try it on and it really did transform the outfit from a cute dress to something I could wear to a big meeting at work and dare I say it I felt smart!

The offical photograher took a few pictures and I'm sure I just stood no posing, I asked one of the girls to take a photo and managed to strike a pose!

I also fell in love with the trousers but I don't really get on well with trousers but if I could find the right style top I could see me buying these, sadly the arms on this top wasn't generous enough for me in the size 24 and I felt a bit restricted but I love the colour.

Kim really came into her own in front of the camera, I had to include this picture. 

Another dress I wouldn't normally go for but I fell for this, the bright floral print and the dress is in a neoprene style fabric (not sure I could surf in it) 

The lovely Rosie came out of the changing room and I was gushing how fab she looked then I realised I was wearing the same dress! We had to have a twins photo. 

If you know me you know how much I love spots, I found another dress. When we did our inital look round I was torn between this and the red spotty dress and Mark told me to go for the red, but I think I know my spots and I like this one better! 

He did concede it looked better than he expected and suggested a couple of alternative styling tips, it is a bit of an odd length on me and could be slightly dare I say frumpy but I think it could be pretty versitile. My only critisim is the belt is too short. if you look closely there is quite a bit of belt left but I had it fastened on the first whole and it was far too tight and I wouldn't have been able to sit down. Please make belts appropriate lengths! (this is too all clothes shops)

I love the use of colour and the varierty of styles, this really suprised me an in my head Marisota is a brand for people in their 40s and being honest I don't know what their target market is but I felt like I could happliy shop there, my mum could shop there and my gran could shop there (my gran is in her 80s and loves Zara and H&M so not really a stretch!)

I may have mentioned a few times that i've had a promotion at work and was looking to see if I could update my work style slightly. 

I was quite taken by the Coleen Nolan illusion dress in black, white and blue. 

I think this rack has some of my favourite peices. Stripes, flowers, bright colours.

There is an amazing orange dress and orange jacket. Not sure they'd work together but the dress has pockets, oh pockers how we love you.

They had also brought some lovely accessories. 

Beth and Rosie also had a few twinny moment this is one I caught in the magin mirror. 

They also had a wall of shoes. I really want this in my house.

I had a really good time, it was so much fun trying on pretty clothes having people give honest opinions and lovely to see and meet other bloggers. 

Have you seen anything you like? I know I have

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  1. Steph you HAVE to buy the red spotty dress, it looks amazing on you. I also want it, hehe. I love the acid yellow shoes and the leopard ones too. x x

  2. Thanks, It was lovely. I can see me owning it at some point x


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