Marisota Shapeology Event

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hey lovelies, 

Tonight I'm off to the Marisota pop up shop in Manchester, I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have planned and I'm hoping to have a shapeover. I don't usually try to wear flattering clothes or really bother if something suits me if I like it. I've just had a slight job change at work and think that I need a more professional work style so I'll be looking to see if they can off me any guidance in this. 

I've been sent the following info and I thought it made interesting reading. 

A new report by clothing brand Marisota has revealed that more than two thirds of women in Manchester now shop by shape, preferring flattering clothes to designer labels (83%).

The insight comes as the Manchester-based online retailer opens its first pop-up shop in the city on New York Street to launch its unique range of Shapeology clothing, which is set to revolutionise women’s fashion.

Its Shapeology study, which targeted 100 women over the age of 45 in Manchester, suggests that out of all occasions from graduations to first dates, women from the city found it hardest to shop for outfits for weddings (46%) and summer holidays the worst (21%) for wardrobe dilemmas.

More than one third (31%) struggle to find clothes that suit their shape, with almost half (47%) wanting to hide their flaws, while 51% want to enhance their best bits.

Marisota has used a new technology called Shapeology to ensure every garment has some sort of hidden panelling and support, as well as clever colour blocking throughout the range.  

I have never really thought of looking for this but I know there are many people out there who are not plus size that want this extra support. 

I think it's an interesting concept and I wonder what everyone else thinks? 

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