#OMCZ 30 - 1 Item 3 ways

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

This months theme was choosen by Erin from 

"Blogging about fashion while living on a budget can be difficult. There is a lot of pressure to keep up with trends and be the first to display a relevant piece. Because it does not suit my finances or lifestyle to constantly purchase new items, I love creating multiple looks around one piece to really stretch the life of my wardrobe. I challenge all of you to create a 'One Item + Three Ways' look to either showcase an item through multiple seasons, or for multiple occasions."

I had so many Ideas but the item I wanted to wear kept being spilt on before I could take a photo, yes I am that clumsy. 

Sunday morning I decided to use the time to take my photo's and I was so organised but sadly my laptop appears to have died. it switches on but you can't open any applications. Roll on payday I might have to buy a new one (recommendations welcome - i'm thinking under £200) 

Anyhooo back to the topic in hand:

My one item is a new t-shirt from Newlook it is £12.99 but I got it on a 2 for £12 deal (bonus)

Look 1 - Meal out with the girls - Skirt Yours clothing last year

Look 2 - Out shopping - Jeans Tu at Sainsburys

Look 3 - Work Skirt Pink Clove

How did I do?

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  1. Love to see you in all 3 outfits and it reminds me I need to buy some stripes!! ;)*

  2. Loving the Pink Clove skirt! x x

  3. You look fabulous in all three outfits but I think my fave has to be the Pink Clove skirt it looks amazing on you x

  4. Thank you, I really like this skirt. I should wear it more x

  5. Thank you, I really need to start wearing it more.

  6. Yes stripes are a must. I do love them. Did you understand my email about the next OMCZ post? hope it made more sense to you this time xxx


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