#BeautyProject - Armand Beasley

Friday, May 30, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to meet the very lovely celebrity make up artist Armand Beasley at Selfridges exchange square, he is working with Selfridges as part of their Beauty Project and is offering one to one consulations.

Myself and a couple of others were greated by him at the customer serives area and he walked us over to his consulation area which is in a seperate area just behind the MAC Counter.

The space is lovely and bright and most of all without the stares of passsing shoppers. which I can find quite intimidating especially if I want to ask questions and try products. 

He is really down to earth and talked to us about his career and his TV Show Fakeover.

Armand has worked for a lot of the major makeup brands and isn't affilated with them, one of the things that he mentioned was work within your budget which I really like. I am prepared to spend money on some things that I know will be good but often I need to find an alternative.

I've watched a couple of clips of him doing make overs and he uses a range of brands from Clinique, Lancom and Rimmel to name just three. 

He had some really good ideas and I like the way he talked about makeup, products and we got on to the topic of aging which was quite fitting as it was the same night as the beauty project talk on aging and rge older woman. He mentioned about growing old gracefully without cosmetic intervention which is something I'm for. Make up should be part of your wardrobe and a healthy balance diet along with a good skin care routine is just as important. 

I didn't have a consulation with him but we had the opportunity to ask some questions and I asked him about my skin as it feels quite oily but as soon as I put makeup on my skin goes really dry and flakey. Sadly my skin care routine got the blame and he knew pretty much what I was doing or rather not doing. Now don't all shout at me at once. Face wipes (Cheap ones at that) and not enough water. It sounds like my skin is over compensating and he was right. 

I've been thinking it for a while and I drink very little and when I do it's most likely pop or tea. 

I have finally started a skin care routine the day after speaking to him. I will be talking about that in a post in the next few days. He suggested a couple of products that I went to look at but decided to start with the Clinique 3 step system. 

Sadly I forgot / didn't get time to take any photos while I was with Armand. 

He also does a weekly top ten of products, as I'm a bit late putting this up I won't list that top ten but safe to say there were some goodies on there and if you follow him on twitter he tweets his products of the week. 

If you fancy having a consultation you can find more details on Selfridges website or the customer services desk in the beauty hall. 

Growing my hair 2014

Growing My Hair Update - End of May 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Its been a while since my last update and I was really hoping to see a big difference in the length of my hair since the end on March.

When I initally looked I didn't see much of a difference, but the more I look I can see that my hair has grown quite a bit. It's still not long enough toget up in a bobble, but with the aid of some thickening spray and thousand and one kirby grips I can get it all up off my neck.

I'm really regretting buying silver curtains. Remind me next time to buy pale ones!

From picture one to picture three I can really see the difference and my patience is paying off.

I'm really happy that the back is growing into a bob and isn't turning into a mullet. I didn't realise how much the sides had grown.

It might seem crazy that I want to grow my hair when I don't really like it touching my face or neck, but once it's longer I can tie it back for work to minimise the irritation and at weekends I will be ok with it down. 

I've been buying quite a few hair grips with pretty flowers and I even bought some hair slides which are very 80s but I do love them. 

For the past couple of weeks I've been reliving an old 90s obsession of mine which never really worked with my hair before and despite owning about 5 of these types of clips already I got two more from Peacocks.,

 These came in a pack of two, the other is plane black and these feel pretty sturdy and hold my hair back all day while i'm at work.

I#m rocking the half pony look and can not wait until I can get it into a fully pony.

I've been debating for a while when my next trim will be and I've decided it will be at the end of August or beginning of October as I've finally booked a holiday for the end of September.


#OMCZ 32 - Wishes

Monday, May 26, 2014

There is a lot of people who wish theycould shop in places that they can't at the moment. this could be because they can't afford to shop there, they don't stock their size, they don't have access to the stores and don't like to shop on line.

I'm quite happy with my lot. I am a bargain hunter and while there is the occasional thing in Topshop or River Island I like I couldn't justify spending the money on it when I could get 4 sale dresses for the price. Okay I might be 2 or more seasons behind but i'm quanity over style kinda gal.

The only time I can remember wishing I could shop in a "straight" size shop was when my friend was getting married about 4 years ago, I'd lost a lot of weight and was around a size 18 and fell in love with a dress in Coast, sadly not matter how I tried and armed with more control underware than is strictly wise I could not get into the bloody thing! I ended up witn a lovely dress from Debenhams own brand range and while it was a lovely dress I was a bit disaapointed. If only they did a 20's or even a 22.

These days most of my clothes are from supermarkets, new look simply be and your's clothing sales with a smattering of other stores but I'm struggling to think of the last thing I paid full price for.

Maybe I'm tight, maybe I'm greedy, but most of all I'm happy with my lot. I have far more choice and I don't feel limited by choice only by money.

The Beauty Project - Who are You Calling Invisible? Beauty and the Older Woman

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last week I was invited to Selfridges in Exchange square to listen to one of the
#beautyproject talks, held in the San Carlos restaurant. The setting is really calm and relaxed and we were treated to a glass of ice cold white wine and a tasting plate of food.

Fashion industry expert and diversity campaigner Caryn Franklin hosted a conversation with Helen Walmsey-Johnson who has a column in The Guardian called Invisible Woman and Jody Furlong who is a top London casting director looking at the relationship between and how brands see women who are growing older in the media - Who are you calling invisible? Beauty and the Older Woman.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am getting older. No I'm not old but it comes to us all and it was interesting listening to what they had to say. A lot of it is what we already know but in the media it goes unsaid.

Brands what to target and advertise to a woman in her mid to late thirty's but they will cast people from around 24 up.

This resonated a lot with me in my plus size world a lot of plus size models are from a UK size 12 and up but generally are at the lower end of plus size.

Other things mentioned included brands being too scared to take a risk on pitching campaigned using and aiming at the same target market.

We could sit and finger point all night, we could blame someone. The men and women on the boards, the casting, advertising people but where does it stop.

I think in some ways we need to make our own minds up. Do I like that? Do I feel good wearing it? Does it matter if no one else likes it? Everyone else is wearing it?

In most cases we me included are too reliant on other people opinions and yes it's nice to get complements and not nice if people we are with don't like what we are wearing but a the end of the day we're not asking them to wear it.

I'm not sure where we can get our confidence from, I think we need to get it from within ourselves and this is something I feel I am doing and I'm quite looking forward to growing older. whether it's gracefully of disgracefully that's yet to be seen!

I really enjoyed the talk and it was nice to hear what it's like to be on the inside of the industry.

The next talk is on 4th June and is titled The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful. I don't know if there are still tickets are available but more info can be found on Selfridges website or from the customer services desk on the LG Floor.

Just another blogging Challenge

The Final Just Another Blogger Challenge Post

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's time to say goodbye to the just another blogger challenge, new challenges are on the horizon and I will be continuing with all my other blog challenges and I have even had an idea for a new one that I'm hoping to start very soon.

On with JABC

Summer is coming

I'm really hoping the glorious weather we had last weekend wasn't our summer and it continues to be nice. Sat here typing while the rain pours down outside doesn't feel very promising!

I haven't booked a holiday yet but I will be doing very soon, a nice weekend in the sun with my bestie!

Destination unkown

This isn't strictly true, we have pretty much decided on Tenerife. However hotels, resort and length of time is still unknown. 

We're not fussy our must haves are

A pool
All Inclusive
A nice hotel - Ideally the room would be an apartment
Close to bars and shops

It's not a long list really

Other plans

This weekend I'm going to Skipton in North Yorkshire, my mum has a caravan there. This is a picture of the lane up to the pub!

31st May I'm arranging a shopping trip in Manchester with a few other Plus size bloggers - if you want to com along let me know. Add me on Facebook and i can invite you to the Event. There won't be goodie bags. it's not an event event . Just a meet up. Manchester is pretty good for plus size shopping. There is a Yours Clothing, New Look, Evans and Simply Be as well as a huge primark and a lot of the other shops you'd find on the high street.

13th June is Whit Friday and in my Village and the surrounding villages there is a brass band contest. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's traditional , good fun and you can drink on the streets!

August is a mecca of events - Style XL which i'm still not sure I can make and Plus North!

Then September I will hopefully be having my holiday.

I'm sure there are things that I've missed out  as i feel like i'm really busy for the next few weeks.

Good bye from this challenge, I've really enjoyed it and Thank you Toni for organising it!


#BeautyProject - and a Birthday Celebration

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Last Wednesday I turned 33 and to celebrate my lovely friend took me out to tea at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester, where I drank a very yummy cocktail pickled tink if you were wondering. I really love frozen slushy cocktails even if they give me an ice cream headache! 

We then headed over to Selfridge's in Exchange Sq for the Launch of the Beauty Project. 

We were greeted by more cocktails in mini milk bottles and invited to have a look round and some of the concessions were offering complementary treatments.

I had a Creme De La Mer arm and hand massage by a really friendly and knowledgeable assistant, who told us all about the company and the products. While this was a nice treat and out of my budget my arms and hands not only felt amazing but smelt it as well.

I've always felt a bit intimedated by beauty halls, I'm not sure what has been scaring me so much as everyone was really nice and not pushy but really welcoming and eagar to tell you about their company and while it probabaly was a sales pitch it really didn't feel like it.
 I'm still a little bit scared of Illamasqu, the stand was so beautiful employees, customers it just has an aurora of beauty and intimidation.

Throughout the night they had entertainment including extrodiary music which for me set the atmosphere, there were also Hula girls, someone going round taking selfies and hot bearded men (Well done selfridges!) with crates of cocktails, icecream and meranges.

I'm still slightly in awe of the whole beauty hall and would love to spend time in there on my own, no staff and just gaze at everything. Everytime you look you see something new from the Skeleton at Kiehls and the lounge at Jo Malone. 

I also almost broke my MAC lipstick virginity and bought Hot Tahini but it was out of stock but i'm 99% decided  that it is the colour for me. 



Friday, May 16, 2014

My mum was given the option to have me on her birthday but as she pointed out to the doctors she had better things to do on her birthday and I was already 3 weeks late she's rather not spend the day in labour! 

If' I had been born on her birthday I would have been given a name beginning with V most likely Victoria, I don't think it would suit me but I might have half a chance of spelling it right! 

I thought i'd show you some of the things I got her, my mum likes unwrappables and while I am rubbish at wrapping presents, Birthdays and Christmas I always make sure she has things to unwrap and always more than 2. 

I don't know if your house is the same but we never have sticky tape to hand when we need it. I might own 400 rolls of washi tape I never have the plain stuff handy. Luckily there was Scotchtape in the blogonmosi goodie bag. The tape is "invisible" once it's stuck to the wrapping paper. It's very sticky and I can confirm this as it took some of my nail polish off! (making it slightly less invisible)

I started thinking about what to buy her a few weeks ago and she should be easy to buy for as we like the same things, however she is a shopperholic and she has more clothes than your average H&M (incidently where most of her clothes are from)

I started in Primark in Leeds and got her a Stripped Beach bag for her next holiday in a few weeks time and a B&W daisy shirt dress, which I was really worried about but she loved.

My Next stop was H&M and I really struggled while they had lots of nice things in I couldn't decide if she already had it as she takes me in to our local one and points nice things out to me. I stuck lucky with a beach dress.

I also got he a book from the works and I did plan to get her a couple more tops from Primark but they must have been giving things away in my local one as the queues were really long!

Tesco came to the rescue in the shape of some purple star print PJ Bottoms and almost matching vest tops and two more books.

She has a kindle and we have book cases full of books so it's always a tricky choice I did my usual trick and bough books I knew I hadn't read that sounded good. She's hadn't ready any of them before and has now read the Au Pair and said it was really funny so that will be my next read!

I got the wrapping paper from the works 2 packs of 2 sheets for £1 and it's really nice quality.

Did I do good as a daughter? my wrapping might not be up to much but she loved everything and it all fitted. She opened them the night before her birthday and had the PJs on within seconds!

big boogie prom

Winner Takes It All

Monday, May 12, 2014

I finally spent the £50 yours clothes voucher I won at Big Boogie Prom at the end of March. I got myself two dresses and a new purse.

This order was a bit of a disaster for me as nothing is 100% which is a real shame as I really do love yours at the moment.
Navy Skater Dress With Red Patent Belt 
This dress is soft jersey and is is a really nice length for work, the only thing is the belt is far far too long, which might be an odd moan when I spend half my life moaning belts are too short. I have made a new hole in it.

I ordered the dress in a 22 and I think I could have easily sized down one size as it feels a bit baggy on the arms but it isn't too, to big.

The purse is also really pretty with beige and coral cut out details, sadly this has also broken after just over a week of use. The zip has come away from the side as it seems to have been glued not sewn in so the hunt for a new purse continues!

The other dress doesn't fit despite being a size larger than I'd normally order, I just can't get in it. I've had other friends try it on and none of them can get in it! There wasn't a dispatch note in the order so haven't sent it back. Maybe it'll make it to a clothes swap one day.

I'm really hoping I was just unlucky because I really do like a lot of the stuff they have in yours at the moment. I don't think it'd put me off buying from them but  feel a bit disappointed this time.

Judys vintage fair

Judy's Vintage Fair Manchester

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A couple of weekends ago I went to Judy's Vintage Fair at Victoria Warehouse.

I got the tram to exchange quay and walked over the bridge. I'm a sucker for industrial structures and It amazes me how bridges stay up.

Salford Quays is pretty beautiful in the sunshine, I'm planning a trip to the IWM soon so I can take a few more pictures like this one.

Victoria warehouse is huge, infact huge doesn't cover it. They posted a link on twitter a couple of days ago saying only 15% of the space has been developed. That has blown my mind!

Once inside I had a wander round and there were some really amazing peices. Sadly none of the clothes went anywhere near my size but there really were some beautiful dresses and I'm not on the look out for something in my size.

This pineaplle really caught my eye. There were so many homeware items that I wanted to buy but as I was on public transport I was scared I'd break it.

I really would like this tea set, my gran has something similar in brown and orange, but the blue version is amazing.

I've recently had a count up of all the scarves I own so I couldn't justify any more.

I was also going to buy another brooch but I couldn't decide on just one.

I was quite taken with the magnifying glass necklace, I only bought some hair grips in the end but I think I would have spent a fortune if they'd have had some plus size dresses.


Day Trip to the Dentists

Saturday, May 10, 2014

On Thursday I had a dentists appointment. It was only a check up as my last appointment was in September 2012 my dentists have been chasing me to make an appointment and I kept chickening out.

I don't know what it is about dentists that make me feel the way I do. I normally make my mum come with me but I braved the trip on my own.

My dentists is in Saddleworth and it's a really pretty village a couple of miles from where I live. As I was using public transport I decided to set off early, there are lots of cafes so I didn't mind being early.

I went in my favourite coffee shop Java for a cup of tea and to sit outside in the pouring rain as they have a canopy and heat laps.

I then had a wander down the high street and spotted the blackbird in a tree, I spent ages taking pictures of it only to discoved I hadn't picked up my memory card!

 I set my camera to 3MP and walked over to the canal basin where this drake posed for me. It reminds me of duck on the Rosie and Jim boat. I went up the steps which I felt was pretty brave as when I was little I got attacked by some geese and ducks. I remember it well, I was wearing red tights and a brown duffle coats!

I must admit I stayed right at the top of the steps and put my camera on zoom to get the geese shot. 4 ducks came swimming towards me which made me nervous but I was fine then all of a sudden a lone drake came powering towards me jumped out and chased me down the steps! I don't know if he wanted duck food, his picture taken or didn't like my dress!!

The dentists trip when pretty well! I got there early but didn't get kept waiting too long and I found a kindred spirit in the waiting room who was a nervous as I was!

She asked me about my broken tooth, it's been like that since my last visit and the last dentist said he wanted to put a crown on it but it needed to be left for at least 12 months as it was. She didn't look impressed as she said he should have re-filled it and I have to go back to have that done but it's just a normal filling not a root canal.

There is a small museam in the village, I haven't been since I was at primary school when they'd take us on trips. I decided I'd pay it a visit but it doesn't open till 1pm so I took myself back off to Java for some lunch.

It is part of a chain as I've seen others about but it has an independent feel, the staff are all really lovely and the food is so nicely presented.

I ordered a large tea and it was a bucket! They offered me a tray to get my order number cup and jug to a table and I said it's ok I don't take milk in tea and she then gave me lemon. I can drink it either way but it was nice to be offered it and not have to ask.

As i've mentioned the museam is very small but at £2 to go it I don't think it'd bad value. It's all about yorkshire life on the lancashire side of the border!

It used to be yorkshire, it's currently lancashire but they want to be yorkshire! I get confused. It really hasb't changed. When I went with school they had us carding wool and trying out the looms. When I was in there was a blind child being taken round and into the rooms and letting him touch the exchibits. I think this is really lovely. All the way round there is some touch and feel points but a lot is out if bounds rightly so from people mauling and breaking items.

If you are over that way it would be worth popping in to have a look round, It only took me about 20 mins to look round but it brought back so many memories. I also treated myself to a pen in the gift shop and donated all my copper to the collection box.

I think making a day out of my dentist trip for me helped me to not feel as anxious. Do you get anxious at the dentist? Do you have a local museum where you live?

I really do want to visit more museums, i'm not sure if it's an age thing or just me but I never find the time and I really want to make that time!


#BlogOnMOSI 2014 - My first blogging conference

Friday, May 09, 2014

On Sunday I went to my first blogging conference organised by Laura from Blogs up North. I really wasn't sure what to expect as I knew there would be a lot of parent bloggers there and didn't know if I'd fit in.

The Venue

We were on the conference level which is on the top floor of MOSI which is an astounding venue. I love how this building looks. It’s industrial, historical, and modern. I adore spending time in the building. The conference level is split into a number of different rooms as well as a central space which is where we had the breaks and the brand tables were set up. What I really liked was a number of the people who were at Blog on had family members going round the exhibitions. I’ve been meaning to go myself for well over a year if not more. This year I will visit.

I took around 100 pictures and most of there were blurry so I've done some collages of my favourites. I have put an album on my facebook page
I started my day in Nero having a quick drink before wandering my way down to MOSI. I arrived early and Lisa from Hollybobbs recognised me and came and invited me to sit with them while they had a brew. (Sorry I didn’t catch the names of the other people who we sat with)

It was good to go up with other people as it didn’t feel as daunting! I go to MOSI a fair bit with my day job so at least I knew the layout and where the Loo’s were!

As we signed in we were assigned coloured lanyards which indicated which sessions we’d go in to and which times. There was also a breakfast spread with yogurts and Danish pastries.

The day was split in to keynote speeches then 3 sessions on different blog related topics as well as chances to meet brands, socialise, eat and drink.


I didn’t really understand a lot of the keynote speech, I found it really hard to hear most of it and I think that time could have been used for some ice breakers within our respective groups as I only spoke to about 3 people in my group! When I say Icebreakers I don’t mean the cheesy 2 truths and a lie, or here is something witty. I could have been a “speed dating” 3 mins per person, swap a blog card. Just something to get those of us in the group that didn’t know anyone else to learn some names.

Session One

My first session was creative copy. This was led by: Penny, Helen and Jane

I wasn't really sure what to expect. It was an open discussion which was centred on parent blogging. I’ve read a few posts where people really loved this session and I don’t want it to sound negative but it wasn’t for me.

Negatives – A lot of the advice and tips were aimed at parent bloggers. Get a partner to read over what you’ve written, I haven’t got one. Save up anecdotes about your children, I haven’t got one. Relate blog posts back to historic memories of family times – I do have a family but not sure how reviewing a dress relates back to my granddad putting his cigarettes out in the flower beds outside his front door as ash is good for the roses. I digress. I think this session made me feel like I didn’t belong, I was in the wrong place and that I was at a parent blogger conference and not at a blogger conference. Which wasn’t a great start for me.

Positives – I did get some ideas and tips that I will try and use, however I’m a lazy blogger so I might not keep it up!  Top tips, Keep paragraphs short, plan or don’t plan, write and write from the heart not the wallet. Think, look for other words, and use headings.


I came in to the landing area and was so overwhelmed and feeling a little despondent. I don't know how many people were there, but it felt like a lot. I was get me out of here and raced for the exit.

Once I calmed down and had some “fresh air” I was amazed at the number of people who came up to me and said hi and they’d read my blog. I'm not sure if they were just being polite but it was so nice to meet everyone and I'm sorry if I came across a bit odd it was just so crazy!

I spoke to the Swizzle Matlow people and they were delightful, really cheery and nice to chat to. Plus they gave me sweets which is always a bonus.

I also spoke to Rachel from Neals Yard. She remembered me from the event last year and now is a party host for them as well as doing treatments. I do adore Neals Yard products. I need to pay them a visit soon.
There were a few brands that were specifically for children which I didn’t go over to, maybe I should have but I didn’t even catch the names.

I did speak to the guy from Illuminasia he was such a nice chap. It looks like a fab attraction for those with little ones and as he said it’s indoors the weather doesn’t matter.

Hotter shoes had some beautiful shoes as we all know I have a poorly back paw and I’ve seen some called Mabel that I’ve got my eye on, even better they come in a spot print!

There are more it was such a whirlwind it’s hard to step back and remember it all.

Lunch was a cold buffet provided by MOSI and there were plenty of choice. Sandwiches, potato salads and the most delicious crisps ever. There were also chocolate brownies and flapjack as well as the BlogOn MOSI cakes.

Session Two

The photography session. This was right up my street. The room was set up into tables and after an introduction by John Arnold about how the hour would work and some top tips (Light, light and more light)

I was so excited for the photography workshop beforehand and I could have stayed in there all day.

The fours tables were DSLR by John, Props and Styling by Lucy, editing by Emily and Mobile Apps by Vanessa

I decided I wanted to hear what Lucy had to say about styling props, I guess I’m my own prop as far as OOTD photo’s go but it’s good to get ideas for jewellery and make up shots and I fell in love with an egg box (I guess you had to be there)

I did pop over to the table taking about mobile phone apps but all the ones that I like the sound of are only for iPhone and I love my Samsung too much to switch. Maybe one day they will be available on android. I have bought Beautiful Mess but need to have a play about with it. 

I got home and cropped a few of the pictures I took with Lucy’s props, it really is worth taking the time to have a play around. I use picmonkey but I’m sure there are lots of other options out there. 

Wine Break

As we came out of the second session we were met with the sight of lots of bottles of Jacobs creek wine.

This perked a lot of us up and there was a lot more chatter. I spoke to someone I’d never met before Becca from Amuse your Bouche without the aid of wine but it was whilst we were pouring wine!

I also got to meet Jenny from The Brick Castle we also had a funny moment in lift with a child dresses as a policeman and my frock!

Session Three – Social Media

This session was made up of round table discussion groups with tables from Collective Bias, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. There wasn’t enough time to get to all the tables.

I started with Facebook led by Jen from My Mummys Pennies. She gave us lots of tips and advice on using facebook. Some I knew and I didn’t realise all the information you can get from the insights.

I did also visit the Google Plus table but I came in mid-way through and didn’t really want to ask them to repeat what had been said. I did learn about the Auto Awesome function where google knits together pictures it sees as the same to make a flip book effect. Awesome is a pretty good description.

For the last ten mins I went to the collective bias table, this isn’t something I’d heard of before blog on, it was interesting to hear what they do and what they want to offer bloggers. I have signed up and you never know they might accept me.

Closing Keynote

We all gathered together to have the conference closing and Laura thanked the speakers and handed them there special goodie bags before we were led out to collect our goodie bags.

It was at this point I said my goodbyes and left, I’d forgotten to buy a raffle ticket and I was on public transport home I decided to head on home.
The goodie bags need a whole post of their own! Laura did an amazing job. It was such a good day I’ve already registered for info about the next one!


#OMCZ 7th May - Sitting Down on the Blog

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

Today is my 33rd Birthday, i'm not quite sure how I got to 33. I still feel somewhere between 14 and 26.
It was also my turn to pick the theme and I decided it was time to push myself out of my comfort zone. I'm getting more and more confident, there really isn't anything I won't wear if I like it.

One thing That I hate more than anything else is photo's of me sat down, everything squidges up and no mater how I sit I have 400 double chins and I just don't like it, what I hate even more is pictures of my sitting down, side on and without a cardigan. I'm all arm. Stood up I don't care one jot about my arms but sitting down eeek! not for me!

I played it a bit safe, coat on front picture but i'm still sat down. 

I wore this to Judy's vintage fair the other sunday, the dress was originally from Evans and I got it from a charity shop in Skipton last summer and the jacket is from Curvissa last year, I wore it a lot last year but we really haven't had much denim jacket wearing weather yet this year. 

I'm not sure if you can tell but I'm also wearing a Rick Astley brooch, whoch is from the very lovely Chloe's store life's big canvas

I thought I'd give you one shot of me on my feet and I think that the outfit looks totally differnt.

I'm not unhappy with my sitting down pictures, I wouldn't haved posted them if I wasn't but I feel much better about myself stood up and you know what that is totally ok. It's all about what works for you and what makes you happy and you alone.


Love Everybody Assignment #6 - Bum.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

Time flies when your having fun, It's time for the 6th assignmment in Leah's  Workshop.

Just Me Leah

May 2014 Assignment #6 - Bum. How do you feel about your butt? Is it muscled or squidgy? Do you have a freckled tush or maybe a tattooed one? Do you have junk in the trunk or a flat 'un? Add ohotos if you dare or draw it, or perhaps write a poem.

My butt is big, it gets in the way and it's quite prone to knocking things over as I try to squeeze past things. But you know what it's mine.

I don't spend ours gazing at it. in fact I pay it very little mind. It serves me well. It gets sat on a lot and I don't mind how it looks in my jeans.

I haven't got a picture of it and i'm not really very artistic. it's there and thats about it. I don't really think about it too much.

This might seem a bit glip and a bit of a none post but I guess it is still my feelings about it.

How do you feel about your bum?

Clothes swapping

Leeds Clothes Swap - The before

Friday, May 02, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

Tomorrow I'm going to a Plus Size clothes swap in Leeds organised by the Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective. 

 I had so much stuff put away to bring but my mum mad me send a lot of it to the charity shop last week, but I had left some stuff at my grans so here are the items I've sorted out so far. I need to have another scan of my wardrobe and look through my shoes and accessories.

A couple of the items still have tags on but they've been sat in my wardrobe unworn for too long! time for someone else to enjoy them.

 The lovely Laura from Lolly Likes put this screen shot on facebook of how to get there, it's not far from the trainstation and the shops.

If you're in Leeds tomorrow I hope you can make it, everyone is welcome to swap clothes. I'm looking forward to getting some fab new dresses and catching up with people, who I haven't seen in too long.


Beauty Project - Selfridges

Friday, May 02, 2014

Hi Lovelies,

I don't know if your aware but Selfridge's are hosting a number of beauty events from the 8th May onwards at their Exchange Square, Manchester store looking at different aspects within the industry.

They will cover a wide rage of topics from:

8 May -  ‘black (and mixed race) beauty’ in the media and how beauty translates across different audiences.

15 May -  relationship between beauty, brands and the older woman in Who are You Calling Invisible? Beauty and the Older Woman.

21 May -  An exploration of the transformative powers of make- up and the role of beauty work in the creation and expression of gender and identity -We’re Born Naked, The Rest is Drag; Identity, Fantasy and Beauty Beyond Gender.

4 June - In The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful, discussing the rituals, history and effects of beauty work and examining its place in modern feminism.

They will have different speakers at each of the events and they sound really interesting. I'm not sure if I can make it to any of the events but If I could only go to one i'd pick the 15th May session. While I don't consider myself old (i'm only 32!) I know I am one of the older bloggers that I speak to and I think it would be interesting to see what i'll be letting myself in for over the coming years.

If any of these take your fancy or you want some more info there is an area on the Selfridges website.

All talks will take place in San Carlo’s Farmacia del Dolce (LG) and tickets are priced at £15 – which includes a glass of wine and tasting plate of San Carlo’s signature dishes. Tickets will be available from w/c 21 April and can be purchased online (www.selfridges.com) or in store (Services Lounge, LG).

There are also events on at the Trafford Centre if that's more your thing

A bit of rough

A Bit of Rough

Friday, May 02, 2014

Hey Lovelies, 

I wanted to share with you another item I got in the goodie bag when I went to the Manchester Blogger meet up. 

I've been using the product since the event and I want to give it a chance.  It's a Japanese style wash cloth, which is very much like a shower scrunchie that has been unravelled. 

The next picture gived you all the instruction so I won't go into that. Like it says to use I scrunch it into a ball but I'm always letting go so the traditional tied up scrunchie works better for me.

I don't use fake tan ever so I can't say how it works on that front, but it does seem to exfoliate my skin pretty well.

I think it would be great for taking on holiday as it folds up smaller than my shower scrunchie and I always like to take one to get rid of sun loation build up.

I like that you can easily wash and exfoliate your back as it is really long unfolded and I like that it seems to hold the showergel better than my scrunchie which I think is because the weave it slightly finer.

have you ever tried anything like this before?