Winner Takes It All

Monday, May 12, 2014

I finally spent the £50 yours clothes voucher I won at Big Boogie Prom at the end of March. I got myself two dresses and a new purse.

This order was a bit of a disaster for me as nothing is 100% which is a real shame as I really do love yours at the moment.
Navy Skater Dress With Red Patent Belt 
This dress is soft jersey and is is a really nice length for work, the only thing is the belt is far far too long, which might be an odd moan when I spend half my life moaning belts are too short. I have made a new hole in it.

I ordered the dress in a 22 and I think I could have easily sized down one size as it feels a bit baggy on the arms but it isn't too, to big.

The purse is also really pretty with beige and coral cut out details, sadly this has also broken after just over a week of use. The zip has come away from the side as it seems to have been glued not sewn in so the hunt for a new purse continues!

The other dress doesn't fit despite being a size larger than I'd normally order, I just can't get in it. I've had other friends try it on and none of them can get in it! There wasn't a dispatch note in the order so haven't sent it back. Maybe it'll make it to a clothes swap one day.

I'm really hoping I was just unlucky because I really do like a lot of the stuff they have in yours at the moment. I don't think it'd put me off buying from them but  feel a bit disappointed this time.

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  1. Cute dress :) navy and red go so well together xx

  2. Thanks. I love Navy could wear it every day x


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