#BeautyProject - and a Birthday Celebration

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Last Wednesday I turned 33 and to celebrate my lovely friend took me out to tea at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester, where I drank a very yummy cocktail pickled tink if you were wondering. I really love frozen slushy cocktails even if they give me an ice cream headache! 

We then headed over to Selfridge's in Exchange Sq for the Launch of the Beauty Project. 

We were greeted by more cocktails in mini milk bottles and invited to have a look round and some of the concessions were offering complementary treatments.

I had a Creme De La Mer arm and hand massage by a really friendly and knowledgeable assistant, who told us all about the company and the products. While this was a nice treat and out of my budget my arms and hands not only felt amazing but smelt it as well.

I've always felt a bit intimedated by beauty halls, I'm not sure what has been scaring me so much as everyone was really nice and not pushy but really welcoming and eagar to tell you about their company and while it probabaly was a sales pitch it really didn't feel like it.
 I'm still a little bit scared of Illamasqu, the stand was so beautiful employees, customers it just has an aurora of beauty and intimidation.

Throughout the night they had entertainment including extrodiary music which for me set the atmosphere, there were also Hula girls, someone going round taking selfies and hot bearded men (Well done selfridges!) with crates of cocktails, icecream and meranges.

I'm still slightly in awe of the whole beauty hall and would love to spend time in there on my own, no staff and just gaze at everything. Everytime you look you see something new from the Skeleton at Kiehls and the lounge at Jo Malone. 

I also almost broke my MAC lipstick virginity and bought Hot Tahini but it was out of stock but i'm 99% decided  that it is the colour for me. 

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