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Friday, May 30, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to meet the very lovely celebrity make up artist Armand Beasley at Selfridges exchange square, he is working with Selfridges as part of their Beauty Project and is offering one to one consulations.

Myself and a couple of others were greated by him at the customer serives area and he walked us over to his consulation area which is in a seperate area just behind the MAC Counter.

The space is lovely and bright and most of all without the stares of passsing shoppers. which I can find quite intimidating especially if I want to ask questions and try products. 

He is really down to earth and talked to us about his career and his TV Show Fakeover.

Armand has worked for a lot of the major makeup brands and isn't affilated with them, one of the things that he mentioned was work within your budget which I really like. I am prepared to spend money on some things that I know will be good but often I need to find an alternative.

I've watched a couple of clips of him doing make overs and he uses a range of brands from Clinique, Lancom and Rimmel to name just three. 

He had some really good ideas and I like the way he talked about makeup, products and we got on to the topic of aging which was quite fitting as it was the same night as the beauty project talk on aging and rge older woman. He mentioned about growing old gracefully without cosmetic intervention which is something I'm for. Make up should be part of your wardrobe and a healthy balance diet along with a good skin care routine is just as important. 

I didn't have a consulation with him but we had the opportunity to ask some questions and I asked him about my skin as it feels quite oily but as soon as I put makeup on my skin goes really dry and flakey. Sadly my skin care routine got the blame and he knew pretty much what I was doing or rather not doing. Now don't all shout at me at once. Face wipes (Cheap ones at that) and not enough water. It sounds like my skin is over compensating and he was right. 

I've been thinking it for a while and I drink very little and when I do it's most likely pop or tea. 

I have finally started a skin care routine the day after speaking to him. I will be talking about that in a post in the next few days. He suggested a couple of products that I went to look at but decided to start with the Clinique 3 step system. 

Sadly I forgot / didn't get time to take any photos while I was with Armand. 

He also does a weekly top ten of products, as I'm a bit late putting this up I won't list that top ten but safe to say there were some goodies on there and if you follow him on twitter he tweets his products of the week. 

If you fancy having a consultation you can find more details on Selfridges website or the customer services desk in the beauty hall. 

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