Day Trip to the Dentists

Saturday, May 10, 2014

On Thursday I had a dentists appointment. It was only a check up as my last appointment was in September 2012 my dentists have been chasing me to make an appointment and I kept chickening out.

I don't know what it is about dentists that make me feel the way I do. I normally make my mum come with me but I braved the trip on my own.

My dentists is in Saddleworth and it's a really pretty village a couple of miles from where I live. As I was using public transport I decided to set off early, there are lots of cafes so I didn't mind being early.

I went in my favourite coffee shop Java for a cup of tea and to sit outside in the pouring rain as they have a canopy and heat laps.

I then had a wander down the high street and spotted the blackbird in a tree, I spent ages taking pictures of it only to discoved I hadn't picked up my memory card!

 I set my camera to 3MP and walked over to the canal basin where this drake posed for me. It reminds me of duck on the Rosie and Jim boat. I went up the steps which I felt was pretty brave as when I was little I got attacked by some geese and ducks. I remember it well, I was wearing red tights and a brown duffle coats!

I must admit I stayed right at the top of the steps and put my camera on zoom to get the geese shot. 4 ducks came swimming towards me which made me nervous but I was fine then all of a sudden a lone drake came powering towards me jumped out and chased me down the steps! I don't know if he wanted duck food, his picture taken or didn't like my dress!!

The dentists trip when pretty well! I got there early but didn't get kept waiting too long and I found a kindred spirit in the waiting room who was a nervous as I was!

She asked me about my broken tooth, it's been like that since my last visit and the last dentist said he wanted to put a crown on it but it needed to be left for at least 12 months as it was. She didn't look impressed as she said he should have re-filled it and I have to go back to have that done but it's just a normal filling not a root canal.

There is a small museam in the village, I haven't been since I was at primary school when they'd take us on trips. I decided I'd pay it a visit but it doesn't open till 1pm so I took myself back off to Java for some lunch.

It is part of a chain as I've seen others about but it has an independent feel, the staff are all really lovely and the food is so nicely presented.

I ordered a large tea and it was a bucket! They offered me a tray to get my order number cup and jug to a table and I said it's ok I don't take milk in tea and she then gave me lemon. I can drink it either way but it was nice to be offered it and not have to ask.

As i've mentioned the museam is very small but at £2 to go it I don't think it'd bad value. It's all about yorkshire life on the lancashire side of the border!

It used to be yorkshire, it's currently lancashire but they want to be yorkshire! I get confused. It really hasb't changed. When I went with school they had us carding wool and trying out the looms. When I was in there was a blind child being taken round and into the rooms and letting him touch the exchibits. I think this is really lovely. All the way round there is some touch and feel points but a lot is out if bounds rightly so from people mauling and breaking items.

If you are over that way it would be worth popping in to have a look round, It only took me about 20 mins to look round but it brought back so many memories. I also treated myself to a pen in the gift shop and donated all my copper to the collection box.

I think making a day out of my dentist trip for me helped me to not feel as anxious. Do you get anxious at the dentist? Do you have a local museum where you live?

I really do want to visit more museums, i'm not sure if it's an age thing or just me but I never find the time and I really want to make that time!

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