Judy's Vintage Fair Manchester

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A couple of weekends ago I went to Judy's Vintage Fair at Victoria Warehouse.

I got the tram to exchange quay and walked over the bridge. I'm a sucker for industrial structures and It amazes me how bridges stay up.

Salford Quays is pretty beautiful in the sunshine, I'm planning a trip to the IWM soon so I can take a few more pictures like this one.

Victoria warehouse is huge, infact huge doesn't cover it. They posted a link on twitter a couple of days ago saying only 15% of the space has been developed. That has blown my mind!

Once inside I had a wander round and there were some really amazing peices. Sadly none of the clothes went anywhere near my size but there really were some beautiful dresses and I'm not on the look out for something in my size.

This pineaplle really caught my eye. There were so many homeware items that I wanted to buy but as I was on public transport I was scared I'd break it.

I really would like this tea set, my gran has something similar in brown and orange, but the blue version is amazing.

I've recently had a count up of all the scarves I own so I couldn't justify any more.

I was also going to buy another brooch but I couldn't decide on just one.

I was quite taken with the magnifying glass necklace, I only bought some hair grips in the end but I think I would have spent a fortune if they'd have had some plus size dresses.

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