Love Everybody Assignment #6 - Bum.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Hey Lovelies,

Time flies when your having fun, It's time for the 6th assignmment in Leah's  Workshop.

Just Me Leah

May 2014 Assignment #6 - Bum. How do you feel about your butt? Is it muscled or squidgy? Do you have a freckled tush or maybe a tattooed one? Do you have junk in the trunk or a flat 'un? Add ohotos if you dare or draw it, or perhaps write a poem.

My butt is big, it gets in the way and it's quite prone to knocking things over as I try to squeeze past things. But you know what it's mine.

I don't spend ours gazing at it. in fact I pay it very little mind. It serves me well. It gets sat on a lot and I don't mind how it looks in my jeans.

I haven't got a picture of it and i'm not really very artistic. it's there and thats about it. I don't really think about it too much.

This might seem a bit glip and a bit of a none post but I guess it is still my feelings about it.

How do you feel about your bum?

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  1. My bum has its own field of gravity too. Yay for bums with super powers! xxx

  2. I get the knocking things over with it! I was in a pub once and, while trying to pass by a table, I moved it with my bum and knocked the 3 beer glasses on top of it. I was so ashamed!

  3. I agree totally with you. I don't really think about my bum, as it's behind me, i don't notice it's there, so I don't see the need to bother with it.

  4. I agree, I must admit I caught a glimps of it in a chaning room mirror last week with my claire richards jeans on and I though oh thats what it looks like. Not bad! (i mean it's not fab but there are worse things in life!)

  5. Haha! Super bum to the rescue! :D

  6. You and me together! There it is and there it shall remain! :)

  7. I always knock things over with my bum! It seems to be a common occurrence for me. Haha.

  8. haha and a theme tune! we could make a franchise out of this!

  9. Glad I'm not alone. I'm sure it has a mind of its own at times x

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  11. haha I had the same thoughts.. I sit on it, I don't gaze at it. :-)


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