#OMCZ 32 - Wishes

Monday, May 26, 2014

There is a lot of people who wish theycould shop in places that they can't at the moment. this could be because they can't afford to shop there, they don't stock their size, they don't have access to the stores and don't like to shop on line.

I'm quite happy with my lot. I am a bargain hunter and while there is the occasional thing in Topshop or River Island I like I couldn't justify spending the money on it when I could get 4 sale dresses for the price. Okay I might be 2 or more seasons behind but i'm quanity over style kinda gal.

The only time I can remember wishing I could shop in a "straight" size shop was when my friend was getting married about 4 years ago, I'd lost a lot of weight and was around a size 18 and fell in love with a dress in Coast, sadly not matter how I tried and armed with more control underware than is strictly wise I could not get into the bloody thing! I ended up witn a lovely dress from Debenhams own brand range and while it was a lovely dress I was a bit disaapointed. If only they did a 20's or even a 22.

These days most of my clothes are from supermarkets, new look simply be and your's clothing sales with a smattering of other stores but I'm struggling to think of the last thing I paid full price for.

Maybe I'm tight, maybe I'm greedy, but most of all I'm happy with my lot. I have far more choice and I don't feel limited by choice only by money.

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