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Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm taking part in a new challenge, set up by Leah. This challenge is all about dressing another blogger, each month I will be putting together an outfit for another blogger and someone else will be picking a style for me.

For this challenge Vicky will be picking my outfit. I can't wait to see what she picks out for me.

For my first Victim Ahem go I have got Kathryn. I was looking forward to doing this as I have met her in real life and she is really lovely. I also read her blog a lot and I feel like I've got an idea of what she likes, but I'm also nervous in case I have the total wrong end of the stick and insult anyone!

Things I know about Kathryn, she likes vintage styles, she loves owls and owns a very cute kitty. I know more but I'll leave it at that. 

I may have played this first one a little safe but I went for a floral prom dress from Lady V London, a cute cat necklace and an owl bag from Chunky Cat Cuddler, which might be a bit much worn together but I love both so much. I got stuck when it came to shoes, Kathryn is quite tall and after stalking her blog for shoes I decided on flats. I decided to stick to the animal theme with some Iron fist bunny bow shoes, which are slightly the wrong colour.

I could see he in this outfit and I hope she likes what I've picked out for her and looking forward to see if she likes it! 

Next month I'll be styling Felicity. What do you think? Have I got it totally wrong? Have I got it right? What would you have picked?

Blog Events

Essence Manchester Launch

Monday, June 23, 2014

I was really excited when I found out Essence were having a launch party in Manchester, excitedly tweeted them to see if they were looking for for other people to attend and I was lucky enough to get an invite. 

They had a London launch at the start of the month and I've held off reading posts except one which made me very excited!

I headed to Manchester and arranged to meet Andrea in Stevensons Square so we could head in together.  It was such a lovely day I got myself a table outside a cafe and had a drink before Andrea arrived.

The venue was on Lever street, in quite an unassuming building from the outside. Inside it is such a bright, light space and with some amazing art work.

We were welcomed by the PR company and given a quick run down, booked in for a mini manicure with the Pamper Puff Girls i've gone for  a iridescent blue / purple colour. I've been buying Essence products every time I go on holiday and own a lot of colours but i've not seen this one before. One thing I do like about Essence nail polishes is they tend to be a really good match for the colour on the bottle in two coats. I also find they don't chip too quickly as long as I let them dry.

I was like a kid in a sweet shop, so many things to look at. I spoke to the makeup artist get some advice on makeup foundation as I always get it wrong. She made some suggestions and re-did my base and I love it. I'll do a post on some of the products I got and what i'm using and what I love about them very soon.

It was such a lovely day, meeting other people and hearing from the brand and how passionate they are about what they do. They are cruelty free brand and a large portion of the products are made in Europe. They are also Amazingly cheap but don't compromise on quality. Another thing about them is that they are always changing and evolving. By this time next year the majority of what's in the range now will have been replaced by other new products.

We also had a little trip over to the arndale to see the stand inside Wiko's and then to the pop up stand which is just round the corner outside Druckers cafe / H&M. They had a few different products including a range inspired by Brazil with vibrant colours and there is so much to see. If you're in Manchester I'd recommend you pop down and have a look.

I have been using Essence products for about 5 years after discovering them on holiday, every time I go away I stock up and it will be so nice to know I can go to Wilko's and get whatever - it is I need!

I'll be doing a couple of posts on the products I picked up today over the coming weeks but I want to tell you about a few of the products I always stock up on when I go away.

Kajal Pencils - I have these in grey and black, my mum has them in the jewel colours as well. They go on really well and for me are easy to work with.

Nail polish corrector pencil - really handy for tidying up and it come with refillable buds. I

Nail polish - both the polish and the nail effects. So much choice and really reasonable so you can go crazy!

Despite the about of things I've come home with I've started a list of things I'm going back to buy tomorrow! You can make the list on the website and email it to someone (I sent mine to myself and it is readable. I made my screen really small so I could screencap it all)

This is my list so far. There aren't any prices on the website at the moment but prices start at £0.99 and go up to about £5. (the UV Lamp being the exception at £19.99)

Have you tried any Essence Products? 


Whit Friday Kimono of choice

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I seem to be getting into some fashion trends at the moment, I never actively thing I must follow trends and as most of you will know I rarely buy anything full price! 

I saw a picture on Instagram by Nic wearing a kimono from Matalan. I suggested to my mum we hadn't been for a while and she fell for the bait and suggested a trip there! 
I wandered round my local store clutching my phone open with her instagram picture looked for a member of staff. When I eventually spotted one it took me ages to catch up to her as she was always one step ahead. I had just started to ask her if she knew if they had them in and she looked like a rabbit in the headlights when a lad who worked there came up to us and said they are over here. We don't have that colour in but we have another version of it! He'd spotted me looking for it and had been following me round to point them out! I think thats pretty good service and while I was initially disappointed they didn't have the same one as Nic got in, I like mine slightly better. It's from the Papaya Weekend range if you're looking for them and cost £14.

The picture doesn't do it justice, the picture was taken on my way home from the local band contest on Whit Friday.

I wore it with my boyfriend jeans from Sainsburys and a plain black vest from the Rogers and Rogers range and was £5. 

I also wore my new Necklace from Primark which was £3, I'm really loving Primark necklaces at the moment. I seem to be buying at least one a week at the moment!

Skipton Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Do you ever look in your drafts and think, what is that doing there? I thought i'd published that weeks ago!

Well here is one of those posts!

My parents have a caravan in Skipton and over bank holiday weekend in May and my mum went for a little visit. I managed to get Friday afternoon off work and we drove through rain and fog, but by 6pm we were sat outside the pub not wearing cardies!

We managed to go in two pubs before the heavens opened and boy did it rain. Sadly we'd just missed the last food order in the pub we were in so decided to go to wetherspoons. Despite both  wearing rain coats we were soaked to the skin and pretty tipsy! we ate steak and chip and then went back to the caravan. 

On Saturday we went into Skipton to do a bit of shopping and I can't go to skipton without a visit to Emma's Apothecary. It's a treasure trove of vintage and modern gifts.

I bought a selection of stickers, as usual they are too pretty to use so will probably sit in a cupboard not being used!

One of the things I love about Skipton is all the charity shops, we always come home with loads of books. I picked up a few including this one by Mrs Doyle Pauline McLynn. This book is odd, it's curious and it's funny. I don't know what i'd give it out of 5, it's some times 1 and some times 5. I might have to read it again.

The bunnies of Skipton seem to be getting braver and cheekier! When I was younger you rarely saw them but now they are out in the daylight just sat there eating peoples plants. They are very cute and make us shout "BUNNY" when ever we see one!

The forecast for Sunday was for rain so we headed over to Leeds for the day. It was glorious sunshine as we got on the train and pouring down by the times we go to the trinity centre. Typical.

I'm not a big sports fan and I know a lot of people are dreading the Tour De France but I do love it, we watch it every year and I was quite excited to see the count down clock and I will hopefully back in Skipton to watch them cycle through.

Do you have a place you visit often and still love?


Matalan wants

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Please can someone give me a £100 Matalan voucher? There are loads of nice things in at the moment! 

I did buy a kimono which isn't in the picture and will be doing a post on it very soon. 

I really think Matalan has improved so much in the past 12 to 18 months and if I could only have three things from them I'd pick these.

Dress - Roger and Roger £18
Kimono - Main Range £18 (I think) Also available in White
Top - Falmer £12 Also available in Navy

I should have brushed my hair!! 


#OMCZ Show some Skin

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Theme - "Show me some skin"

Katt Wrote: 

As summer approaches and the days get warmer, I'm struck with the fear of getting my pasty white legs and the tops of my arms out. Apart from the obvious rudey parts, what areas of your body do you prefer to keep covered? Ladies, show me those white bits!

Katt xo

I guess showing my arms and legs isn't really outside my comfort zone, but shaving my legs in order to get them out is a pretty big thing. I've been so lazy as it's too easy to hide under leggins. 

Last week I accidently bought some three quarter leggins and decided to get the veet out. On Saturday morning I was going into town and at first glance my legs still looks ok and it was warm so decided to brave the town leggins free. 

It was only when I got to town I noticed my legs are a bit hairier than i'd first thought!  

It was so warm and muggy today I also went coat free, I know you've already seen this outfit at least once but I love this dress so much I thought i'd show it to you again. 

I couldn't go completely bare on my legs for two reasons. The most obvious was the chub rub, the fear of the dress blowing up and I don't fancy my big pants being on display for all to see! 

I wore the Easy Breezy shorts in white that I won from a blog giveaway hosted by Sarah from Plus Size and Proud I never thought i'd wear the white ones. I favour dark on my bottom half but I wore them under a black and white skirt earlier in the week and I hadn't put them away from the clean washing pile. I am really impressed with them. They are comfy, they don't make me overly warm and apart from being a bit long they are great. 

My favoured picture taking spot has been encased in scaffolding so I risked life and limb climbing over broken roof tiles to get these pictures, but I did discover a new feature on my point and shoot camera. Custom self timer. You can pick how long you get before it takes the first picture and how many pictures it takes. 

The standard choice is 2 seconds or 10 which is usually too little or too much, but with climbing over the tiles I gave it 25 seconds and it was spot on. I also set it to 5 pictures so I didn't have to climb back over and re-set the camera. I was crossing my fingers and toes hoping they were in focus! 

Bandana - primark
Dress - Primark Maternity
Shoes - Blowfish at TK Maxx 
Shorts - Taking Shape

Kate Moss

Kate Moss Number One

Sunday, June 15, 2014

As the worlds biggest fan of heather shimmer and all known variations on that theme of lipstick colours, i tend to stay away from red lipstick. 

It's only been since I started this red that i've dared to leave the house wearing red lipstick. 

I have a few now, 2 or three MUA ones, a Hello Kitty one and now Kate Moss number one. 

I bought this before I went out last weekend as I didn't know where my MUA one was (In my makeup bag in case you wondered!) 

I love it, I adore it, I want to wear it all the time! I think work people would be shocked if I went in wearing it so I haven't YET! 

I want to take pictures of it, with it. I've been carrying it round with me. Safe to say it will get worn a lot. 

Do you wear red lipstick? What's your favourite red? 


#WeBlogMCR The First Meet Up

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A couple of week Holly from Holly Goes Lightly sent me a tweet about a meet up she was organising. Since starting this blog my confidence has grown so much and meeting other bloggers is something I really like doing. I might not say much or say anything interesting when I meet them but I am working on it! 

The date and venue were set, then I had a mare of a journey home from work the night before and my confidence wobbled. I wasn't sure where the venue was, I was tired and grumpy. Then a colleague told me the venue was right near the palace theatre and dead easy to get to. I pulled my socks up and thought you know what I really want to meet other local bloggers! 

I finish work at 5 and it only took me 20 mins to get up there, I walked past and couldn't see anyone so I wandered back up to Java cafe. There is a Java in a village not far from me. I also got a table outside.

I love taking random places and the venue itself is under the railway arches of Oxford Road train station. The venue was Whim Wham Cafe. This is somewhere I've been told about in the past but I rarely go out in Manchester on nights out and it was nice to go day time to get a feel for the place. 

It's a vintage style Gim Saloon, the picture below is the view when you come out of the loo just before you descend the spiral staircase!

They had given us an area of the bar just for us so we could spread out and chat.

We didn't really spread out to much. we pushed four tables together. We chatted, drank cocktails (It was happy hour 2 cocktails for £9. I had the whamble and it was amazing! shame it was a Wednesday night I could have happily had a few more)

There was a frame to put quotes in about the night and take selfies with speech bubbles! I wasn't going to stay long as I needed to get the bus home, then I got chatting to Andrea and she used to live round the corner from me and offered me a lift home!

Because I was staying I decided to eat and went for the Chicken and Tarragon salad, it was fantastic. I went for the small plate but wish I'd had the full version or ordered a portion of the rosemary chips which looks and smelt amazing! 

I only spoke to a couple of people and I joked that there needs to be blogger speed dating at these kind of events so everyone can chat with everyone. I hope i'm now following everyone on twitter. I'm planning on spending some time checking out everyone's blogs and following them all on social media. 

Holly had set up some prizes for tweets and instagram pictures. I was too busy talking to tweet much. but if you read Holly's post she tells you all about the winners and it's worth it to see the best prop of the night! 

The list of people who came are below, I'm looking forward to meeting people again and I hope there will be more Manchester meet ups in the future.

Dawn Sandal

We're all going on a summer holiday

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A little while ago I got an email from Hotter with a some competitions to enter. I only got around to entering one as my internet crashed, but as they say you hae to be in it to win it and that I did!

The competiton was to tell them about your summer holiday plans and which shoes you would wear.

At the time I hadn't booked one but I told them about my plans to book a girlie break to tenerife with my best friend and I would pick the Dawn wedges as my holiday shoe of choice. I'm torn between Orange, Pink but I think in the end I will be buying myself the Blue.

I had a choice of prizes a leather passport cover or a mens washbag. I did get a passport cover in my blogon goodie bag so went for the wash bag, thinking it's be nice to pass on to my dad for his birthday or fathers day. 

When it arrived I decided it was a bit too nice to give him (sorry papa) and i'm keeping it for myself and will use it on the holiday I have now booked! 

It has a large main compartment and an outer zip compartment, as well as a small handle at the end and is made from butter soft leather.

Thank you to hotter for my prize and i'm looking forward to visiting the Bury store soon and trying on all the pretty shoes

belated birthday

Fresca Delph

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Saturday night, I finally celebrated my 33rd Birthday with 3 of my lovely friends as well as celebrating another of their birthdays.

We headed to a fairly local restaurant Fresca Italian, even if I did send our designated driver the long way round! 

The restaurant itself is in an industrial type unit and I'd only been past it on the bus so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it really is lovely. It feels really modern and bright. With an open kitchen and a woodfired pizza oven. 

We asked to move as we were right in the centre and although it wasn't full it was really noisy and our table was quite small. 

We moved to a booth right at the back which was perfect. Quite so we could cackle away but actually hear ourselves think. 

There was little phone signal but free Wifi (as long as you like them on FB) was a bonus. 

As it was a birthday we started with peach Bellini's which were delicious but soon moved one to the Rosé. 

We had 3 courses, sadly in my excitement I didn't get a shot of my main.
I started with Calamari Fritti £8.50 which I felt was quite a lot but it was a huge portion and felt it was well justified, the tartare sauce was also really nice. 
Main course was Risotto al Pollo £9.95 - as well as chicken there was, prosciutto, courgettes, lemon, leeks, peas& thyme. Mine didn't have any Pea's in it which was cool by me as I hate pea's. I did say to my friends I love chicken risotto but someone always adds pea's so it was a lovely bonus for them to be left out. A little birthday treat!! 
We were all really full but decided to squeeze in a desert. I opted for Chocolate brownie and it was amazing. I really love brownies at the moment. It was sticky, gooey, warm, crunchy perfect and it was a huge portion that try as I might I just couldn't finish. 

With wine my share came to around £40. I'm not sure how much I normally spend on meals out. I guess I don't really go out for 3 course meals all that often. 

I would go back again for a special occasion and I'm sure my friends would agree we really enjoyed our night out. even if we were too full to go out drinking afterwards! 

Whit sunday

Monday, June 09, 2014

I woke up on Sunday to a gloriously sunny day, not long after i'd been up the local C of E churches Whit walk marched past my street. A local brass band up from and then members of the church, congregation followed by brownies and rainbows. 

I'm not particularly religious, but I do love the whit walks. For one thing it means Whit Friday and the Saddleworth bandcontest is just around the corner and I love the band contest. 

Later on we went to our local town centre and Oldham Parish Church was walking through the town centre. We were sat outside a cafe and the Band was playing, the associate preist said some words sadly we couldn't hear them, and then the band marched on. 

If you're not from a mill town you might think I'm crazy loving brass bands, but it's such amazing music and a cracking laugh! Sadly I wasn't allowed to play when I was at school. Too many baby teeth then not enough adult teeth. I think they were just being polite as i'm not very musical!! 

As the band marched off down the high street the associate preist came round asking if we'd heard it and if we tweet. "Do you tweet" I do. I might not be religious and if my gran ask's I'm a catholic (Who round here do first holy communion and not whit walks) I can appreciate it. 

As i've said Whit Sunday means Friday is Whit Friday and Saddleworth Band contest. I'll be getting off my bus on Friday in the middle of it all so even if no one is out I might have a wander round and get some photo's and it's a good excuse to drink beer stood out in the middle of the village. 

Does your town / villages do anything like it?


Plus Size Bloggers Shopping Day - Cocktail Hour

Sunday, June 08, 2014

At the end of our shopping day Debz had arranged for us to have a cocktail masterclass at Tiger Tiger. I can honestly say it's the most fun I've had in ages. 

We were given our own private bar area. If you've been to Tiger Tiger you'll know how big it is and it was really nice to have our own space. 

Our bar man James "the milky bar kid" was really lovely. He really knew his stuff and made it a fun afternoon. 

He showed us how to make 5 cocktails and we even got to have a go making them. I didn't get behind the bar but I was more than happy taking pictures and sampling the drinks that had been made. 

I can't remember all the names of the cocktails but most were delicious! We also played a coupld of games. we had a race to make a Moijto. My team were the quickest but sadly we missed out the sugar syrup so the other team won,

There was also a round of blindfolded long island icetea making! Did you know it wasn't invented in Long Island!

We had such a fun afternoon, at the end we were given a table in the main bar upstairs to finish our drinks and we stayed ot making the most of the happy hours and I wobbled my way to the bus stop about 9pm.

A big thank you to everyone who came to Manchester. I can't wait to meet up with everyone again soon.

*We were given the cocktail masterclass free of charge but all views are my own. 


Magnificent 7th - Favourite Celebrity Style

Saturday, June 07, 2014

I've never been one to admire celebrity women, I rarely read magazines these days unless there is a free gift with purchase and if you asked me which celebrity would play me in a movie of my life I'd be hard pressed to tell you. 

There are of course celebrities I like in TV shows and there are some I occasionally tweet I'd like to be. I think it is the character they play rather than there real life selves. 

For quite a while my girl crushes have been Zoe Hart - Rachel Bilson. I've loved Rachel ever since she was Summer Roberts in The OC. I like her style and that may be the style given to her by a wardrobe department but all the same I could see me in similar outfits. 

Another Fictional person I would love to be is Jess - Zooey Deschanel. She is funny, smart, Kooky, adorable and has some amazing dresses. 

Although I am growing in confidence in myself I find myself shying away from experiences which could be amazing as I don't want to make a fool of myself or look silly. Life is made up of a series of funny moment mixed up with some bad and some serious ones and I need to work on letting myself go a bit. A recent example is the cocktail making class I went to at Tiger Tiger. I didn't get in there making one. I was happy to sit back and take pictures (Lots of pictures) once it was over I was oh errr I forgot to do the fun thing and make a cocktail! Never fear I am booked into another class at Revolution in York in November (Hen do's take serious planning theses days!) 

I have planned an outfit to go with this post but I haven't had the confidence to wear it as it's a bit too dressy for work and I haven't been anywhere that warrants a nice outfit just yet. 

Zooey and Rachel, Zoe and Jess are my fave celebs of the moment. My conclusion was drawn when I re-installed my pinterest app and set up a board Magnificent 7th Inspiration and I only pinned pictures of these two. 

Which celebs style would you like to steal, have, borrow inspiration from?