Machester Shopping Day

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Last Saturday I arranged to meet up with a few plus size bloggers for a shopping day in Manchester. I started planning way back in February and May was the first month that had a weekend around when most people had been paid.

Usually when  I organise things they fall flat, or get cancelled and I was crossing my fingers people would come and they did! There were 10 of us in total.

8 of us met around 11am in the Arndale and we headed off to the shops.

I didn't actually take any photo's of our shopping trip!

We started in Evans which was like a furnace, I really wish they would sort the air conditioning out as it doesn't make for a nice shopping experience. We didn't even try anything in the store.

Next up was Simply Be. I think most of us tried things on, I've seen a few things that I really want but sadly everything I tried on was too small so I didn't buy. I know Gemma got the most amazing Denim dress. It is on my wish list

We then ventured into New Look and they have moved the Inspire section back upstairs which threw us a bit as it's been down stairs for ages.

I could have spent a fortune in New Look, they have loads of really nice things in and I think most of my holiday wardrobe will be from there. 

I did buy 2 things a play suit! This is not something I ever thought I'd buy but I fell in love. I also got some sandals. 

They also have a watermelon Vest top. Gemma and Mel bought this and It is on my wish list! They didn't have very many in and I went to the New Look at Crown Point on Sunday and they didn't have any in.
New Look Vest

Our final stop was Yours Clothing, I tried on a few items, I almost bought some trousers but I think i needed a size less and they didn't have them in stock so I'll be popping back in soon as I think they will be great for my holiday.

Yours Clothing 

We then headed over to Home Sweer Home for some Lunch. There was a bit of a wait so we headed over to Terrance as Vicky really needed to eat something. I'm glad we had a bit of a wait as it gave chance for use to have a bit of a chat and wait for Emma who was coming from Sheffield and Naomi who came up from Wolverhampton to arrive.

I'd looked at the menu online and an online gallery of cakes (Mmmmm Cake)

I went for the cheeseburger toastie with sweet potato fries! OMG!!! It has to be the nicest thing I've ever eaten! I want to eat it again, I want it for every meal! I've been to their other place Almost Famous at the great northern and thought that was good, but this was out of this world! it was only £4.50 (Plus £2.50 for the chips)

Everyone's food looked good. They also have milkshakes which looked fantastic sadly I don't like milk so I didn't partake but the others gave a big thumbs up. They also do Alcoholic versions.

Our final stop of the day was to Tiger Tiger for a cocktail making class arranged by Debz, more about that in a post which should go up in Saturday.

I'd like to say a massive thanks to everyone who came, it was lovely to see those people who I have met before and great to meet new people.

I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did, I can't wait till we can all meet up again.

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  1. What a wonderful day out, sounds like lots of fun. Some great buys too.I love the dress with the watermelon print its very summery.

  2. love the playsuit :) looks like the shopping in Manchester was a success.


  3. Oh, that sounds like such a great day out! I'd really like to eat at Home Sweet Home, the food looks amaziing. Thanks for linking up #WHWH

  4. Sounds like a great girlie day out! Love the look of that toastie - what a great way to end a fab shopping trip! #WHWH

  5. It was a fab day, love meeting new people and it was worth it for the toastie alone!

  6. I really love this linky and it's only the first one. I've loved reading about everyones days out.

    we should go to HSH one day it's pretty good value and worth the wait x

  7. It was a huge success! I had such a fab time. I just hope i'm brave enought to wear it x

  8. There is some really nice stuff about atm. The watermelon print is just a vest top from the plus size range but if you search watermelon on NL website there is a whole host of things in the same print in the straigh size range. I want one of everthing!

  9. hiiiiiii! Vicki here. i don't have Twitter but my blog can be found at:

  10. Aww Steph that sounds like such a great day! I can't remember the last time I spent a day shopping! I'd have to have plenty of notice too because I'd need to save up!

  11. Thanks for coming, sorry it's taken me so long to reply. It was great to meet you xxx

  12. thank you, i had so much fun!!!

  13. It was an amazing day! This one had been planned since February and I still didn't save up enough!!! x


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