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Saturday, June 07, 2014

I've never been one to admire celebrity women, I rarely read magazines these days unless there is a free gift with purchase and if you asked me which celebrity would play me in a movie of my life I'd be hard pressed to tell you. 

There are of course celebrities I like in TV shows and there are some I occasionally tweet I'd like to be. I think it is the character they play rather than there real life selves. 

For quite a while my girl crushes have been Zoe Hart - Rachel Bilson. I've loved Rachel ever since she was Summer Roberts in The OC. I like her style and that may be the style given to her by a wardrobe department but all the same I could see me in similar outfits. 

Another Fictional person I would love to be is Jess - Zooey Deschanel. She is funny, smart, Kooky, adorable and has some amazing dresses. 

Although I am growing in confidence in myself I find myself shying away from experiences which could be amazing as I don't want to make a fool of myself or look silly. Life is made up of a series of funny moment mixed up with some bad and some serious ones and I need to work on letting myself go a bit. A recent example is the cocktail making class I went to at Tiger Tiger. I didn't get in there making one. I was happy to sit back and take pictures (Lots of pictures) once it was over I was oh errr I forgot to do the fun thing and make a cocktail! Never fear I am booked into another class at Revolution in York in November (Hen do's take serious planning theses days!) 

I have planned an outfit to go with this post but I haven't had the confidence to wear it as it's a bit too dressy for work and I haven't been anywhere that warrants a nice outfit just yet. 

Zooey and Rachel, Zoe and Jess are my fave celebs of the moment. My conclusion was drawn when I re-installed my pinterest app and set up a board Magnificent 7th Inspiration and I only pinned pictures of these two. 

Which celebs style would you like to steal, have, borrow inspiration from? 

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