Whit Friday Kimono of choice

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I seem to be getting into some fashion trends at the moment, I never actively thing I must follow trends and as most of you will know I rarely buy anything full price! 

I saw a picture on Instagram by Nic wearing a kimono from Matalan. I suggested to my mum we hadn't been for a while and she fell for the bait and suggested a trip there! 
I wandered round my local store clutching my phone open with her instagram picture looked for a member of staff. When I eventually spotted one it took me ages to catch up to her as she was always one step ahead. I had just started to ask her if she knew if they had them in and she looked like a rabbit in the headlights when a lad who worked there came up to us and said they are over here. We don't have that colour in but we have another version of it! He'd spotted me looking for it and had been following me round to point them out! I think thats pretty good service and while I was initially disappointed they didn't have the same one as Nic got in, I like mine slightly better. It's from the Papaya Weekend range if you're looking for them and cost £14.

The picture doesn't do it justice, the picture was taken on my way home from the local band contest on Whit Friday.

I wore it with my boyfriend jeans from Sainsburys and a plain black vest from the Rogers and Rogers range and was £5. 

I also wore my new Necklace from Primark which was £3, I'm really loving Primark necklaces at the moment. I seem to be buying at least one a week at the moment!

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