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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Theme - "Show me some skin"

Katt Wrote: 

As summer approaches and the days get warmer, I'm struck with the fear of getting my pasty white legs and the tops of my arms out. Apart from the obvious rudey parts, what areas of your body do you prefer to keep covered? Ladies, show me those white bits!

Katt xo

I guess showing my arms and legs isn't really outside my comfort zone, but shaving my legs in order to get them out is a pretty big thing. I've been so lazy as it's too easy to hide under leggins. 

Last week I accidently bought some three quarter leggins and decided to get the veet out. On Saturday morning I was going into town and at first glance my legs still looks ok and it was warm so decided to brave the town leggins free. 

It was only when I got to town I noticed my legs are a bit hairier than i'd first thought!  

It was so warm and muggy today I also went coat free, I know you've already seen this outfit at least once but I love this dress so much I thought i'd show it to you again. 

I couldn't go completely bare on my legs for two reasons. The most obvious was the chub rub, the fear of the dress blowing up and I don't fancy my big pants being on display for all to see! 

I wore the Easy Breezy shorts in white that I won from a blog giveaway hosted by Sarah from Plus Size and Proud I never thought i'd wear the white ones. I favour dark on my bottom half but I wore them under a black and white skirt earlier in the week and I hadn't put them away from the clean washing pile. I am really impressed with them. They are comfy, they don't make me overly warm and apart from being a bit long they are great. 

My favoured picture taking spot has been encased in scaffolding so I risked life and limb climbing over broken roof tiles to get these pictures, but I did discover a new feature on my point and shoot camera. Custom self timer. You can pick how long you get before it takes the first picture and how many pictures it takes. 

The standard choice is 2 seconds or 10 which is usually too little or too much, but with climbing over the tiles I gave it 25 seconds and it was spot on. I also set it to 5 pictures so I didn't have to climb back over and re-set the camera. I was crossing my fingers and toes hoping they were in focus! 

Bandana - primark
Dress - Primark Maternity
Shoes - Blowfish at TK Maxx 
Shorts - Taking Shape

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  1. I think you should go bare legs more often! You look amazing!! ;)*

  2. Thank you! I just hate shaving my legs so I hide behind leggins! x


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