Skipton Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Do you ever look in your drafts and think, what is that doing there? I thought i'd published that weeks ago!

Well here is one of those posts!

My parents have a caravan in Skipton and over bank holiday weekend in May and my mum went for a little visit. I managed to get Friday afternoon off work and we drove through rain and fog, but by 6pm we were sat outside the pub not wearing cardies!

We managed to go in two pubs before the heavens opened and boy did it rain. Sadly we'd just missed the last food order in the pub we were in so decided to go to wetherspoons. Despite both  wearing rain coats we were soaked to the skin and pretty tipsy! we ate steak and chip and then went back to the caravan. 

On Saturday we went into Skipton to do a bit of shopping and I can't go to skipton without a visit to Emma's Apothecary. It's a treasure trove of vintage and modern gifts.

I bought a selection of stickers, as usual they are too pretty to use so will probably sit in a cupboard not being used!

One of the things I love about Skipton is all the charity shops, we always come home with loads of books. I picked up a few including this one by Mrs Doyle Pauline McLynn. This book is odd, it's curious and it's funny. I don't know what i'd give it out of 5, it's some times 1 and some times 5. I might have to read it again.

The bunnies of Skipton seem to be getting braver and cheekier! When I was younger you rarely saw them but now they are out in the daylight just sat there eating peoples plants. They are very cute and make us shout "BUNNY" when ever we see one!

The forecast for Sunday was for rain so we headed over to Leeds for the day. It was glorious sunshine as we got on the train and pouring down by the times we go to the trinity centre. Typical.

I'm not a big sports fan and I know a lot of people are dreading the Tour De France but I do love it, we watch it every year and I was quite excited to see the count down clock and I will hopefully back in Skipton to watch them cycle through.

Do you have a place you visit often and still love?

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  1. Some lovely pictures. Looks like a nice relaxing place to visit. I could do with a big relax like that and how cute is that bunny xx

  2. it really is lovely, nice and relaxing.

  3. Thank you, it was a lovely weekend away x


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