Whit sunday

Monday, June 09, 2014

I woke up on Sunday to a gloriously sunny day, not long after i'd been up the local C of E churches Whit walk marched past my street. A local brass band up from and then members of the church, congregation followed by brownies and rainbows. 

I'm not particularly religious, but I do love the whit walks. For one thing it means Whit Friday and the Saddleworth bandcontest is just around the corner and I love the band contest. 

Later on we went to our local town centre and Oldham Parish Church was walking through the town centre. We were sat outside a cafe and the Band was playing, the associate preist said some words sadly we couldn't hear them, and then the band marched on. 

If you're not from a mill town you might think I'm crazy loving brass bands, but it's such amazing music and a cracking laugh! Sadly I wasn't allowed to play when I was at school. Too many baby teeth then not enough adult teeth. I think they were just being polite as i'm not very musical!! 

As the band marched off down the high street the associate preist came round asking if we'd heard it and if we tweet. "Do you tweet" I do. I might not be religious and if my gran ask's I'm a catholic (Who round here do first holy communion and not whit walks) I can appreciate it. 

As i've said Whit Sunday means Friday is Whit Friday and Saddleworth Band contest. I'll be getting off my bus on Friday in the middle of it all so even if no one is out I might have a wander round and get some photo's and it's a good excuse to drink beer stood out in the middle of the village. 

Does your town / villages do anything like it?

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