#OMCZ 37 - Summer Trends

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Theme: Summer Trends
Danielle has chosen the next theme: 

"What summer trend have you been nervous about trying? Do you avoid wearing sleeveless tops or shorts? Are you interested in trying a crop top but afraid to try it? Are you thinking about finally wearing a bikini to the beach? Show us what trend you're hoping to finally get on board with this summer! "

For me it has to be the Kimono, I'm always nervous of trying things that are on trend. I feel like some will tap me on the shoulder and say no dear that's not for you. 

Now we all know anyone can wear what every they want, it's not up to anyone else to tell anyone how they should or shouldn't wear but I think that we have to be happy in ourselves. 

I own three Kimono's all acquired in the last 3 to 6 weeks. I love them and think they are great for summer. 

Saying that I love them until I leave the house then I wobble, worry then forget about it. 

I forgot to get any pictures of me, so this is one stolen from my friends Instagram . Last Friday I met her in Manchester and we had cocktails, food and caught the last tram home. 

It was so nice to catch up with her. Holiday planning and lots of comments about we must do this more often and I have to agree. 

My last comment to my mum was I feel like i'm wearing a nighty and dressing gown but as soon as I met up with my friend she was aww you look so nice so that gave me a boost and without the aid of any drink i'd forgotten how confident I felt leaving the house. 

Dress - Yours Clothing (Sale £13)
Kimono - Tesco (sale £9)
Necklace - Tesco (Full price £6 /8) 

I have my eye on one or two more, but I don't know what to wear them with. I have worn mine with black jeans, red top and blue and red kimono and like the picture above plain black dress. Do you have any suggestions on how I can wear them? 


Blog Everyday August 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

I've noticed I haven't been blogging much. I haven't been getting myself organised and I have really missed it. 

I've loved the blog everyday challenges I've done in the past but I was looking for a challenge that covers all aspects of things rather than be a fashion challenge or a beauty challenge. 

I am going to do a challenge organised by Leah  which is fashion based and is a bit shop your wardrobe type challenge. Which i think will be good as other than Holiday essentials I'm going to try and not buy any new clothes in August! (haha I give myself to the 3rd!) 

I've googled and put a couple of shoutouts on twitter and facebook but I couldn't find anything specific to August 2014.

I've been through my diary and noted down the dates I do challenges and split the other days up between different themes for want of a better word. Food, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle (I'm not sure how you define lifestyle exactly but things in the home, events days out, travel. I guess lifestyle is a bit of everything - so please be kind as have probably got it terribly wrong) 

****Edit*** The list below was quite specific to me. I've edited to be for all as a couple of people have contacted me about joining in. If you take part in any of the below challenges feel free to post about them but if you have no idea what they are use the send option. I hope it's not too confusing! 
1.          Introduction who am I?
2.          Do you join in with any Linky’s or blog challenges? Tell us about them
3.          What was the last book you read?
4.          Have you been to any blog related events or are you going to any soon?
5.          What's in my makeup bag?
6.          Restaurant visit (The last on you went to / your favourite) 
7.          What are your holiday essentials? (Clothes, products Misc that you can’t live without)
8.          Make something (Share a recipe or just what you had for tea)
9.          What skincare products are you using? 
10.       Room tour
11.       What have you been wearing this week?
12.       Savoury or Sweet, Discuss 
13.       Inside my wardrobe
14.       False Eyelashes or show us an Eye makeup style
15.       Day out
16.       Summer Holiday (Have you got a holiday booked, tell us about it? Not going away this year, talk about your best holiday)
17.       Party Food, what makes a good party buffet for you. Maybe you’ve had a party recently and not had chance to blog about it. 
18.       Lip products
19.       Your Local Town or City
20.       Style yourself for a blogging event
21.       Drinks (what's your cup of tea or tipple) 
22.       Best Buys and Worst beauty buys
23.       A day in the life (let us follow you around)
24.       Nails
25.       If you could only eat one food forever what would you pick
26.       What’s in your to read pile?
27.       Share some blogger love. Which blogs do you enjoy reading and why?
28.       Essentials for a weekend away. What would you take?
29.       Your favourite place
30.       Empties (think ahead save the packaging of anything you use up this month and do a mini review of products you have got to the end of)

31.       Highlights of the Month

Suits You

Suits You July - Felicity

Friday, July 25, 2014

For the second Suits You challenge. I have to Style Felicity

After stalking her blog the one thing that strikes me is she isn't afraid of colour. All colours and there was very little black with out other bright colours on her blog and I wanted to steer away from blacks and pastels but still keep it summery.

I'm not sure if I've played it too simple with just two colours? What do you think can you see her wearing this outfit? 

Dress - Simply Be
Jewelry - Accessorize 
Shoes  - New Look 

Flip flops

The Quest Continues .... The Holiday Shoe Edition

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just some times an email lands in an inbox at the perfect time, I'm been looking for holiday items online and in real life shops.

I've had a bit of luck clothing wise but very little luck footwear wise. When Protest got in contact and asked if I wanted to try something from their website I volunteered my size 7's or Euro 41's cos I'm one of those people who tends to go off European sizes.

I got sent these two pairs of flipflips and I'm made up.They couldn't have chosen better for me if i'd picked them myself.

Lucio Slaps £17.99

Of the two pairs I think these are my favourite. I love Navy for holiday and who doesn't love a good stripe. I also like how the straps are pattern matched with the sole at the front of the shoe.

As first glance they look similar to your average flipflop, they are foam and rubber but when you look at the profile view you can see they are shaped around the arch of the foot.

This makes them really comfy and they help keep them on my feet better. I also really like the Protest brand badge in the bronze colour. this way it won't wear off in the sun.

I wanted to show you the sole of the shoe as if your anything like me the first thing you do when buying shoes is look at the bottoms.

Initially I was a bit disappointed to see the three plugs from the straps as I can usually feel these when I walk and they really irritate me. However after walking round in these for a little while on different occasions this past week. I haven't felt them once. 

The one thing I will say about them is the print on the inside of the flipflop has started to wear off already. I expected it to wear off. It's been very hot. I have hideous feel which will have contributed to this wear but I just wanted to make you aware of this. They are not immune to wear. I don't mind this, I kinda like the worn in and well love look (you should see my old flipflops they were all white and now a mucky grey brown colour and have been on about 5 more holidays than they should have) 

Senna Slaps £19.99

The first thing that strikes me with these flipflops is how summery they look with the coral colour and the paisley print. 

To me these look more surfer girl look to them and I could Imagine someone walking down the beach surf board in hand ( Not me ovbs - I'm the one on the prom saying I don't like sand but I really want to paddle!)

This pair isn't shaped around the arch of the foot but it is slightly angled so the back is thicker than the front. It isn't a massive difference but enough to make is comfier for walking. 

I haven't worn this pair as much as the blue pair but I can confirm they feel comfy and I might have to break my no sand rule and make some patterns with the sole of these. Unless I can wait until winter and make my impressions in the snow (Not recommended blue toes are not in this season - unless you have naturally blue toes then yay blue toes. I'll stop digging!) 

While these pair are more expensive than some on the high street / supermarkets they are on parr with some other well known flipflip brands and I really like them. 

These two pairs have pretty much guaranteed their place in my suitcase for Tenerife 2014

As you know I'm always on the look out for Holiday footwear. I need to sort out some sandals / going out shoes, tell me your recommendations. They need to be flat or a very low wedge! 

I was sent these items free of charge but as always all opinions are my own. 

Essence make up

Essence of the week

Monday, July 21, 2014

I wanted to show you a few more of the Essence product I've been using. I think it's  great to see a haul from an event or a shopping trip but for me it's important to see products being used. 

My first product is a cover stick, I haven't used one for many many years and feel like I've been missing out. This is from the Pure Skin Range and the number 2 is a really good match for my skin. It also helped to clear up a couple of biggish spots I had.

It blends really well and I've been using it every day for about a fortnight and this is a go to product for me.

The Smokey eye box. I have only used it once but I really liked using it. At first I was thinking it was a bit too sparkly for me and I do wear smokey eyes when I go out but I tend to go down the browns and neutrals route.

I like this because it has a mirror in the lid and it's the only Essence item i've got that comes with a mirror. It also has these two step by step guides which I did use 

I forgot to highlight the brow bone and I really need more practice blending but I really like how it turned out. 

The last product I've really enjoyed using is I love Extreme Mascara. I've made no secret I love a chunky brush and this works really well for me. 

There are a fee other things that i've been using a lot of, there is a matt lipgloss which smells amazing and a lip balm which feels like you've put the thickest layer of product on but doesn't look like it. 

I had also planned to show you some of the nail varnishes i got, but i broke all my nails and I haven't put any polish on in about 2 weeks. 

Have you tried any essence products yet? 

Plus North

Plus North 2013

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last year I went to my very first Plus North and it's really not all that long until the next one. 

I discovered the world of plus size blogging about a week after the very first Plus North and I was pretty gutted I hadn't known about it, but thinking about it I doubt I would have had the confidence to go but I really was kicking myself all year.

I think there were quite a few of us who were attending for the first time and there was such a buzz about it. 

I had also volunteered to model for the event and I was so excited to find out who I would be modelling for.

After the event I did a brief post about the day and then left these posts in drafts and decided to wait and process the event before writing it up. 

Does anyone else leave things is drafts forever? 

I think the above picture is lovely and has no bearing on the event other than I took it on the Sunday morning as I was leaving the hotel (Well I was taking my small suitcase to work as I bought some much stuff over the weekend I bought a new case from Primark!) 

The event was made up of a few different part, Blogger Workshops, Market Place, Brand Stalls and the catwalk. 

I only made it to one of the workshops and had to leave early to go to the models meeting but I really enjoyed it and feel like I learned a lot, this year the workshops are on the Sunday which means there will be more time as well as some new things. I'll talk about this years event at the end. 
There was a raffle with some amazing prizes, sadly I didn't win but it was worth buying a ticket for their cuteness. 

Lets talk about Modelling at Plus North, my original post about the experience is here  but I think it's good to revisit things.

I really wish I'd done things differently. I wish I'd looked in a mirror, I wish I'd asked people to take pictures of me and I wish I'd allowed myself to enjoy it more. 

It was a really fantastic experience and something I'll never forget and I'm so glad I was given the opportunity. 

I did say I would do it again but I didn't put myself forward this year. This was for a couple of reasons. Firstly I think there are a lot of new bloggers that want to model and didn't want to take away an opportunity from someone else. Secondly I want to go and enjoy the day. I want to go and spend time speaking to my friends, other bloggers, brands and just be there. 
Photo's by Charlie

There was also a night do which Scarlet and Jo Sponsored, this involved a singer. (I really can't remember this girls name but she was on some reality tv show) I don't like "live music". I get embarrassed by it and would much rather listen to a post produced song on the radio. (I know i'm odd) So this was really hard for me to listen to, In fairness I didn't really stay around very long at the night do, I spent most of the time in the smoking area and one of girls I was with didn't feel well so we went back to the hotel and ordered food and stayed up talking. 

As usual I didn't get any photo's of me! I did take a selfie once I got back to the room. I loved my dress, it's from Yours clothing and it's one of the few items I've ever paid full price for but on price per wear i've got more than my moneys worth out of it. 

I had forgotten how short my hair was! I below is part of the goodie bag we got, I think this one is from the night event. 

I haven't reallt thought too much about the 2014 event too much but it's only about 6 weeks away? 6 weeks? really ekk! 

I really should think about clothes to wear! are you sorted? HELP!!!!

If you haven't heard about this years event I just want to share the details and I don't want anyone to miss out. 

I've just checked and there are Still Saturday Day and Sunday Day tickets left (Saturday night is sold out but i'm sure if you want to stay over people can arrange to meet people after as I think the night do ends about 10pm ish)

Dates Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st August 2014

The Venue is Baracoa Bar in Leeds Centre - It's really close to the station and not far from the centre. I found it by accident last time I was in Leeds. 

There will be a number of brands, market place. I'm sure there will be places to chat and meet other people. I'm really hoping there will be a photo booth! Please tell me there will be! 

The evening event as I've said above is sold out now but it sounds like it's more of a chance to meet up before going out in Leeds

Sunday will be a mix of workshops and a clothes swap. I think we are still waiting for the full details to be released! 

So if after all this you're thinking why should I go, well for one you could meet me! (hahah) I think it is a fantastic safe space, everyone is so lovely and it's not just for bloggers. It's open to everyone. I know quite a few people who are taking their partners as well. 

Let me know if you're coming, I do get a bit shy and socially awkward and will either be really shy or really chatty so please excuse me if I babble at you! 

Dorothy Perkins

Holiday Shoes Take 1

Friday, July 18, 2014

I really struggle with shoes in general but when I go on holiday I struggle really badly. My feet swell, they get hot. My shoes don't fit, they rub.... oh woe is me

I'm determined to try and take the right shoes away with me this year, comfy, cute and not frumpy!

I saw these in Dorethy Perkins a couple of weeks ago but it was when I was without my bank card and didn't think the borrowed money would stretch, I'm glad I waited as a week later they'd been reduced to £10 (they were only £15 to start with) 

They also do them i a couple of differnt colours and they are real leather uppers. They do feel a little bit narrow, I'm trying to break them in and stretch the leather and I'm hoping they will be a good holiday shoe.

Can I get away with wearing them in the evening? I have no idea what shoes are holiday appropriate, i'm going on my first girlie holiday in a while. I imagine we will be bar hopping and maybe clubbing? I really don't know! 

What shoes should I be looking at for holiday? any recommendations? ideas? tips?

Loom Bands

In with the cool kids

Thursday, July 17, 2014

As well all know pretty much every pre-teen in the country as well as quite a few teens, parents alike have all fallen for the loom band craze!

I have also become one of those a 33 year old woman with no kids and far better things to be doing with my time than making bracelets!

I've always loved making friendship bracelts from embrodary floss and still make them, the loom bands are a fairly similar process in my mind at least and yout tube is a wash with tutorials.

For me I don't like the basic bracelt I only like the more complicated ones.

There has been a bit on social media and in the paper about these being banned in schools as they are dangerous. I don't personally think they are if they are used properly and if people teach children to respect property and other people.

They are fun, they are taking children away from the TV and computer games and it's a fun activity that teaches creativity and to me that can only be a good thing.

Do you like my new tray? My mum says it's a tray for Olives. I'm not sure about you but i'm not that fancy. I eat olives straight from the packet, I am tempted to buy some olives, tip them on to the tray and eat them sitting in bed to show my classy side!

So questions for you all:

Do you like olives?
Do you like my tray?
Is it really just for olives?
Am I a bit too obsessed with Olives?
and finally have you made a loom bracelet yet?

Quick Catch Up

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to say I haven't been around very much because I've become addicted to a Youtube Channel - Grav3yard Girl. I'm hooked!

I've said before I don't really like you tube, I don't watch any channels but I tend to watch every now and again or if i'm trying to do somethimg. Fishtail plaits and loom bands have been my recent search terms!

So I haven't given up. I am still about on social media.

I have got  a few things coming up on the blog and I really need to write things up, good intentions like coming up to bed at 8pm to blog but i got lots in you tube.

Things i'm planning to blog about.

It's not long till the 2014 Plus North. I found a lot of my photo's in draft and realised i didn't do a full post so I want to write that up.

I have new holiday shoes! I've bought some and i've been gifted some flipflops so I want to show them to you,  it's only 9.5 weeks till I go away and I got an exciting email today to say the flight time has been brought forward almost 5 hours! Thats five hours more holiday!!!

I'm also trying to find some decent biniki's that cost under £25 for the set and are nice and high waisted. I also need some pretty dresses. I had £300 worth in my Asos basket but managed to step away, then I filled a basket on Forever 21 plus but then I paniced about sizing. if anyone can translate the sizes for me it'd be appreciated. I couldn't get the size guide to load on the website.

The there is Plus North, I really want to buy my train ticket but I can't get my manager to confirm if I can leave early on the friday, if i can't i might change my hotel and just stay Saturday night.

Ok what else have I got to tell you about, some more essesnce favourites, i've had another weekend in Skipton and I still need to do my LEB, OMCZ posts

I've got a couple of other beauty type posts to talk about and I'm taking part in another book swap so I can tell you about the book I receive! I haven't been to the post office yet with my book but I will go soon! It's sat there ready to go!!

I feel like I should have checked my camera and draft posts before I started to write this.

I'll leave it there and keeps your eyes peeled for some new posts!!!

Growing my hair 2014

Hair woes and growing my barnet update

Friday, July 11, 2014

Another month closer to my holiday and I feel like I need to have my hair cut, it feels fluffyand bitty and I feel really scruffy.

I can really see the difference now and I can get more and more if it in a bobble! I'm down to one bobble and between 4-6 grips!

I'm still aiming to wait till the end of August before I get it cut, which if yo think about it isn't all that long away. 7/8 weeks which will fly by. Thats not to say if someone said they would cut my hair tomorrow i wouldn't bite their hand off.

I'm still using the Lee Stafford Hair Grow shampoo, I am also trying to wash my hair less 3/4 times a week rather than my normal 5/7 times a week. It's also pretty rare that I use heat on my hair, but I have tried curling my hair a couple of time recently. It still doesn't like to hold a curl and it resulted in a few blistered fingers!

The only problem I am finding is once I wash my hair it doesn't really feel clean. It looks fine but i feel like I want to wash it again straight away if that makse sense?

I'm going to try changing my shampoo for the next few washes. I just need to find a nice one, any recommendations?

Can I hold on for another 8 weeks before going for the chop? what shampoo should I buy next?


Hotter Shoes and the Tour De France

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Last week I told you about my trip to the Hotter Shop in Bury and I mentioned they let me take home a pair of shoes.

These are the shoes I took home, did any of you doubt i'd come home with anything less than dots! (ahem Spots Stephanie, Spots!) They even have spots on the inside.

To be fair I fell in love with these shoes at Blog On earlier on in the year.

Even though I own a lot of shoes, lots and lots of shoes. I really struggle. My feet are roughly a 6 and three quaters. 6.5 are often miles too small and 7's I walk out of.

Hotter do offer a measuring service but it's rare that they will actually measure your feet. If you go in store the staff will fit the shoes to you.

They even said thay have people ring up and give the measurements of their feet and get advice of what size shoes to order.

They also do a few width fittings in a lot of the styles.

Lace ups work well for me as although they feel a bit too long in the length they are the right width and I can tie myself in so i'm not walking out of them.

These shoes also got a bit of a run for their money well without the running bit. I went to Skipton to watch the Tour De France, I wore them on friday to go in to the town centre and we had a bit of four seasons in one day.

I find pump style shoes tend to rub on the seems but these didn't rub, my feet didn't over heat and they survived the rain pretty well! 

 I even tweeted a couple of #Shoesies to the hotter team on instagram. As you can see i'm not one of the cool kids and I tie my laces in bows.

I really love Skipton and I've posted about it a number of times before and we were all really happy when we found out the TDF was passing through, Skipton has really done itself proud by decorating the shop windows and there is bunting on every avaliable surfaces.

One of my favourite places is sitting outside Costa, people watching even in the rain. I did take rather a lot of shoesies. I'm pretty excited to see what else is to come from Hotter in their younger more contempory styles.

On the day of the race itself we decided to bypass the high street and went further along the route, which was a good choice. There were still plenty of people about but it wasn't over crowded and we were opposite where the VIP Helicoptors landed so I'm saying it was a pretty good spot! 

I took about 300 photos on two cameras and my phone, most of it is of the road and the cyclists before the race. I think the actual race past us in 10 seconds flat and we were so close to them. I brought my knees in closer so I didn't knock them off. I can also safely say out patch of the course was much more civilised that the Coté De Buttertubs! 

I feel like I'm on Harry Potter with the above. I have no idea how it's done it was just on my memory card like this! It looks cool though (I hope you can see what I can see!) 

Do you like my shoes? Did you see any of the TDF in person? 

The shoes were provided free of charge but all options are my own.

Magnificent 7th

Magnificent 7th - Get someone to Style you

Monday, July 07, 2014

The theme for this months Magnificent 7th is very similar to the new suits you challenge I've joined. I was going to ask a friend to pull an outfit together but at the moment we are ships that pass in the night.

Becky came up with the idea to style each other and this is what she has come up with for me.

She has come up with the an outfit based on Zooey Dechenal who's style I really like and I would wear this (the shoes are a bit high for me but with a lower version I'm there!)

Becky put this together on her Polyvore account you can see it here as well

I hope she likes the outfit i put together for her!

I can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with

Other ways to wear my claire richards top

Sunday, July 06, 2014

You might remember quite while ago I got sent a couple of things from Fashion World

I've worn the Jeans a few times and I love them. I have also used the bag pretty much every day but the top has been worn once.

It's a really great top, it looks like a shirt but has no buttons so no gapes. it's a decent length so good to wear with jeans and trousers. 

I guess I'm a bit afraid of pale colours. I'm messy and only have to look at food and it's tipped all down me. 

I got this skirt from Tesco a few weeks ago and planned to save it for my holiday as I think it'll be good for round the pool as it's a better length for me than a lot of the beach skirts that are around. But as I only paid £5 for the skirt I thought I may as well get some wear out of it. 

I was really unsure so I put the above snaps of Instagram and got some fantastic feedback! Thank you. I felt really happy and confident wearing this.

What do you think? I've got the same skirt in the blue version and I think i'll be getting to wear the top a bit more now i've found this combination! 

What do you think? 


If only I had said what I still hide

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Throw back thursday have got a whole lot easier recently. I am loving the Time Hop app. This isn't a review but I was thinking about re-starting my week on instagram but I thought I'd share a few of the time hope posts that have appeared on my time line in the past week or so.

It's funny as some days there have been nothing, nada, zilch. Other days there have been something every day going back 6 or 7 years! 

I'm not sure if I trust the dates. But I guess they will only show up on the date they were posted to twitter or instagram
It's also funny that I'm still posting almost the same things year in year out. 

In May it was all Eurovision, I seems to have a bit of a thing for Belarus but don't ever remember fan girling for them. 

I also post a few screen shots of my early starts! 

I do tend to only post to facebook when I'm having a woe is me moment. I also have been avoiding my personal FB as I really don't like it but Time Hop is making me want to post more. 

I want to be more possitve and up beat and i'm already looking forward to seeing if next year Time Hop will tell us what we shared the year before. 

Do you have Time Hop? What do you think about it? 


Essence Products I've used this week

Friday, July 04, 2014

If you follow me on social media you will have seen a lot of pictures of me using Essence makeup this week. I've been a fan for quite a whle and after the excitement of the event. I thought I'd better use some of it. I set myself up a basic kit to keep in my handbag and I was one of those people who put make up on whiles travelling to work. 

I'm really please with the products I've tried this week and i'm planning on rotating the items I've got for a few weeks until I find my perfect work makeup kit. 

Despite the amount I came home with I also have two visits to the Essence conssession in the Arndale and made a couple of other items to go with the Gel Nail Lamp I got at the event and a couple of bit's i'd missed getting but really wanted to try. I think I bought 5 items and spent about £12.  

I am trying to grow my nails(again) and with the amount of nail products I picked up I have no excuse. These mini nail files are adorable and are really diddy. I found them really easy to use. 


I find nail polish really hard to take pictures of . Any tips appreciated!  I really like the 24/7 nail base. It dries matt and helps the polish you put on top stay on. 

My colour of the week is Hello Marshmello and a girl can never have too much glitter polish. The little pink thing in the picture above is a rest. The idea is to rest the nail tip on the top part while to paint your nails. Mine aern't quite long enough but I found resting my finger on the top helped  me be neater that i normally am. 

My Product of the week goes to Pro White. I almost didn't pick this up. I was put off my the word "glow" but i'm really glad I did get it. On the back it says it will make the tips look whiter and the rest pinker. I just did one layer and I'm really supprised.

 The pictures above are without me using my trusty white nail pencil. As i type it's been on about 24 hours and there are no chips and looking at my nails they seem to have grown. This may be wishful thinking. 

With light there is shade. My least favourite product of the week is the Rock Style hair dye powder. 

I really didn't think this would take to my dark hair and was suprised that it came out so well. Don't I look pleased with myself! On that note it's good, but for me it was too messy. It does warn of this. it also made my hair very dry. It acts a bit like a dry shampoo. 

would I use this again? Yes I will use it again (outside and not wearing white)  but I don't think i'd re-buy it. I think it'd be good for festivals and for teenagers (I remember the days of hair mascara) 

I've dug through my bag and the below pictures is pretty much all the products i've used this week.
With the exception of the hair dye powder I've loved everything. 

While I did receive the all of the above products from an event, I was not asked to write this post and all opinions are my own.