Blog Everyday August 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

I've noticed I haven't been blogging much. I haven't been getting myself organised and I have really missed it. 

I've loved the blog everyday challenges I've done in the past but I was looking for a challenge that covers all aspects of things rather than be a fashion challenge or a beauty challenge. 

I am going to do a challenge organised by Leah  which is fashion based and is a bit shop your wardrobe type challenge. Which i think will be good as other than Holiday essentials I'm going to try and not buy any new clothes in August! (haha I give myself to the 3rd!) 

I've googled and put a couple of shoutouts on twitter and facebook but I couldn't find anything specific to August 2014.

I've been through my diary and noted down the dates I do challenges and split the other days up between different themes for want of a better word. Food, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle (I'm not sure how you define lifestyle exactly but things in the home, events days out, travel. I guess lifestyle is a bit of everything - so please be kind as have probably got it terribly wrong) 

****Edit*** The list below was quite specific to me. I've edited to be for all as a couple of people have contacted me about joining in. If you take part in any of the below challenges feel free to post about them but if you have no idea what they are use the send option. I hope it's not too confusing! 
1.          Introduction who am I?
2.          Do you join in with any Linky’s or blog challenges? Tell us about them
3.          What was the last book you read?
4.          Have you been to any blog related events or are you going to any soon?
5.          What's in my makeup bag?
6.          Restaurant visit (The last on you went to / your favourite) 
7.          What are your holiday essentials? (Clothes, products Misc that you can’t live without)
8.          Make something (Share a recipe or just what you had for tea)
9.          What skincare products are you using? 
10.       Room tour
11.       What have you been wearing this week?
12.       Savoury or Sweet, Discuss 
13.       Inside my wardrobe
14.       False Eyelashes or show us an Eye makeup style
15.       Day out
16.       Summer Holiday (Have you got a holiday booked, tell us about it? Not going away this year, talk about your best holiday)
17.       Party Food, what makes a good party buffet for you. Maybe you’ve had a party recently and not had chance to blog about it. 
18.       Lip products
19.       Your Local Town or City
20.       Style yourself for a blogging event
21.       Drinks (what's your cup of tea or tipple) 
22.       Best Buys and Worst beauty buys
23.       A day in the life (let us follow you around)
24.       Nails
25.       If you could only eat one food forever what would you pick
26.       What’s in your to read pile?
27.       Share some blogger love. Which blogs do you enjoy reading and why?
28.       Essentials for a weekend away. What would you take?
29.       Your favourite place
30.       Empties (think ahead save the packaging of anything you use up this month and do a mini review of products you have got to the end of)

31.       Highlights of the Month

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  1. I'm up for that I think. Not sure what some of the prompts are but I'm sure I'll learn from reading what you put.

  2. Hi.

    Hope this reply works as replying by email.

    Some of the prompts are specific to me. I'll go through them tonight and add generic ones in for other people to do if they want join in x

  3. I don't think I could fulfil each and everyone of those prompts but would love to blog every day x

  4. I won't be able to blog every day but fingers crossed and as long as I don't waste time on other stuff I can get a post out each day.

    Day one is ready to go. Day 2 is half typed and Day 3 is written up on postit notes.

    I'm away this weekend so my plan is to get those two scheduled. Then I'll go through my memory card and dump pictures in to posts / edit on pic monkey and dump into drafts then I can come back and add text when I get a chance.

    I fully expect to miss a couple of days. But on the other had I have a couple of days where I might post twice (It's been a while since i've done that)

    When I wrote the prompts I added in all my linys / challenges I do but as people have said they might gave a go i've changed them for things that anyone can do and I might have a go at doing both!!!

    if you fancy joining in and know you can't do every day feel free to dip in and out, you're more than welcome xxx

  5. Looking for to my first challenge :-) x

  6. Looking forward to joining in x

  7. I'm so happy people want to join in. I hope you enjoy it and I'm looking forward to reading all the posts xxx

  8. OO a great idea. I've always wanted to get involved in Linkys and never have. Yours looks to be up my alley.. So when I get home from work I'll give it a go!

  9. So glad you like the idea and thanks for joining in x

  10. I shall be joining in a few! As they seem really interesting xo


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