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Friday, July 04, 2014

If you follow me on social media you will have seen a lot of pictures of me using Essence makeup this week. I've been a fan for quite a whle and after the excitement of the event. I thought I'd better use some of it. I set myself up a basic kit to keep in my handbag and I was one of those people who put make up on whiles travelling to work. 

I'm really please with the products I've tried this week and i'm planning on rotating the items I've got for a few weeks until I find my perfect work makeup kit. 

Despite the amount I came home with I also have two visits to the Essence conssession in the Arndale and made a couple of other items to go with the Gel Nail Lamp I got at the event and a couple of bit's i'd missed getting but really wanted to try. I think I bought 5 items and spent about £12.  

I am trying to grow my nails(again) and with the amount of nail products I picked up I have no excuse. These mini nail files are adorable and are really diddy. I found them really easy to use. 


I find nail polish really hard to take pictures of . Any tips appreciated!  I really like the 24/7 nail base. It dries matt and helps the polish you put on top stay on. 

My colour of the week is Hello Marshmello and a girl can never have too much glitter polish. The little pink thing in the picture above is a rest. The idea is to rest the nail tip on the top part while to paint your nails. Mine aern't quite long enough but I found resting my finger on the top helped  me be neater that i normally am. 

My Product of the week goes to Pro White. I almost didn't pick this up. I was put off my the word "glow" but i'm really glad I did get it. On the back it says it will make the tips look whiter and the rest pinker. I just did one layer and I'm really supprised.

 The pictures above are without me using my trusty white nail pencil. As i type it's been on about 24 hours and there are no chips and looking at my nails they seem to have grown. This may be wishful thinking. 

With light there is shade. My least favourite product of the week is the Rock Style hair dye powder. 

I really didn't think this would take to my dark hair and was suprised that it came out so well. Don't I look pleased with myself! On that note it's good, but for me it was too messy. It does warn of this. it also made my hair very dry. It acts a bit like a dry shampoo. 

would I use this again? Yes I will use it again (outside and not wearing white)  but I don't think i'd re-buy it. I think it'd be good for festivals and for teenagers (I remember the days of hair mascara) 

I've dug through my bag and the below pictures is pretty much all the products i've used this week.
With the exception of the hair dye powder I've loved everything. 

While I did receive the all of the above products from an event, I was not asked to write this post and all opinions are my own. 

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