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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Hotter Shoe shop in Bury for an evening of shoes, food and chat.

I met Jen from My Mummy's Pennies at Starbucks before getting the tram to Bury where we met up with six other bloggers.

We were warmly welcomed and supplied with some very nice prosecco and food from M&S. I stood on the wrong side as I was with all the veggie sandwiches and munched my way through about 4 Wensleydale and carrot chutney sandwiches before I discovered the pastrami bagels on the other side!

After we'd eaten we sat down and watched a presentation about the history of the company. I love that they did factory tours and when they ended them they still had a massive list of people who wanted to visit. They also produce and astonising number of shoes every day. I can't remember how many but it was a staggering amount.

The Hotter bus also made an apperance. Did you know you can sign up on their website to get the knitting pattern. I wish I had the patience to knit one. I wonder if you could make one from Loom Bands? 

This is the first hotter shop i've been to, so I can't compare it to others but it is beautiful, there is plenty of space, seats and i is really well presented. From the bespoke wallpaper to the baskets with shoes on them and the books on the shelf.

There is such a wide range of styles and quite a lot more younger styles than i'd expected as well as the classics.

One of the things I learned was a lot of the shoes are in family groups and the soles have differnt patterns. Which means in theory if you find a good fit in one style you can be pretty certain other styles in the same family will fit.

For a while i've been lusting after the Dawn wedges, they are beautiful and I was wealking round stroking the ornage one. I was ready for naming him. Sadly me feet are too wide for them but they look so nice on.

I tried on a few styles but kept coming back to the shoes I fell in love with at Blog On. The Mabel surf spotty pumps.

Hotter were kind ebough to gift us a pair of shoes so I left the shop clutching my Green bag containing Mabel (although I think they are boys so we might have to re-name them)

I haven't worn them yet I don't want to spoil them! They are coming away with me this weekend when I go to watch the Tour De France Grand Depart so I will be sure to snap some photo's of them.

I'm really excited to see what the future hold for Hotter, I think some younger styles as well as the classic styles could be the best of both worlds.

I had a really great evening and i'm looking forward to wearing my shoes.

I was invited by Hotter to visit their store, all opinions are my own.

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