Hair woes and growing my barnet update

Friday, July 11, 2014

Another month closer to my holiday and I feel like I need to have my hair cut, it feels fluffyand bitty and I feel really scruffy.

I can really see the difference now and I can get more and more if it in a bobble! I'm down to one bobble and between 4-6 grips!

I'm still aiming to wait till the end of August before I get it cut, which if yo think about it isn't all that long away. 7/8 weeks which will fly by. Thats not to say if someone said they would cut my hair tomorrow i wouldn't bite their hand off.

I'm still using the Lee Stafford Hair Grow shampoo, I am also trying to wash my hair less 3/4 times a week rather than my normal 5/7 times a week. It's also pretty rare that I use heat on my hair, but I have tried curling my hair a couple of time recently. It still doesn't like to hold a curl and it resulted in a few blistered fingers!

The only problem I am finding is once I wash my hair it doesn't really feel clean. It looks fine but i feel like I want to wash it again straight away if that makse sense?

I'm going to try changing my shampoo for the next few washes. I just need to find a nice one, any recommendations?

Can I hold on for another 8 weeks before going for the chop? what shampoo should I buy next?

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  1. Hello :-) I swear by Dove shampoo. My hair is very dry and can be frizzy. Dove seems to the only shampoo that will let me wash most days without any buildup or my hair drying out. Plus it smells lovely too. I tried the Soap & Glory range recently but within a few days my hair was like straw :-(

  2. Hi, Ive just had 3" cut of my hair having not had it cut in 10 months(!), my hair is super fine like little kids hair & grows slowly. My hair was a similar length to your but I started from a pxie crop. I did not buy any special growth shapoos or masks, I have been mainly using superdrugs own products, I used their cherry & something (cant remebner what!) shampoo & conditioner followed by their kiddy spray leave in conditioner (which smells lush); I have been doing the reverse wash, Condition first but not the roots, followed by shampoo mainly roots once towel dried i used the kiddy conditioner. But the best advice I could give you, is change your hairbrush I bought a "Wet Brush" from Ebay for about a tenner (they also do a smaller one called "squirt") which is a big paddle brush with soft bristlles which do not pull/stress your hair so a lot less breakage. The Wet Brush has made such a difference, my hair doesnt look bitty or split end-y which can happen very easily when growing out. Best part is it cost hardly anything apart from the brush because superdrug often have BOGOF offers.

  3. A friend used "Fast" before her wedding and was enormously impressed with the results.
    I like Nioxin myself.

  4. Hi,

    Sorry just realised I haven't replied to this message from ages ago!

    Cherry shampoo sounds lush, I will look out for that. I used to get a cherry and almond one from Avon but i don't think they do it any more.

    I've not seen the wetbrush. I have a Denman shower brush that I use when I put my conditioner in and a tangle teezer.

    I've tried reverse shampooing but it doesn't seem to work for me. I think once my hair is longer and I can tie it all back on day two i'll give it another go, but it seems to make it more sticky outy!!!


  5. Sorry just catching up with replies. I like Dove Argon oil shampoo. I have used it in the past but I find shampoo's that are not clear make my hair only last three quaters of a day before it needs washing again.

    I didn't know soap and glory did a shampoo / hair range. I might have a look as my hair is really oily and i think something that dries it out might be ok for me x

  6. Hi, I tried a tange teaser brush, but was beyond dissapointed with it; I felt it made my hair static & it grated gainst my scalp. I ADORE my wet brush its made such a difference


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