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Thursday, July 17, 2014

As well all know pretty much every pre-teen in the country as well as quite a few teens, parents alike have all fallen for the loom band craze!

I have also become one of those a 33 year old woman with no kids and far better things to be doing with my time than making bracelets!

I've always loved making friendship bracelts from embrodary floss and still make them, the loom bands are a fairly similar process in my mind at least and yout tube is a wash with tutorials.

For me I don't like the basic bracelt I only like the more complicated ones.

There has been a bit on social media and in the paper about these being banned in schools as they are dangerous. I don't personally think they are if they are used properly and if people teach children to respect property and other people.

They are fun, they are taking children away from the TV and computer games and it's a fun activity that teaches creativity and to me that can only be a good thing.

Do you like my new tray? My mum says it's a tray for Olives. I'm not sure about you but i'm not that fancy. I eat olives straight from the packet, I am tempted to buy some olives, tip them on to the tray and eat them sitting in bed to show my classy side!

So questions for you all:

Do you like olives?
Do you like my tray?
Is it really just for olives?
Am I a bit too obsessed with Olives?
and finally have you made a loom bracelet yet?

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