#OMCZ 35 Summer Holiday

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I can't believe we are on the 35th OMCZ. Time really has flown with this challenge.

Leah has chosen this weeks theme

Leah Wrote: 

"An outfit that you would wear at your favourite summer holiday destination". 

Let me set the scene - you're on holiday, the sun is shining and maybe you've caught a little sun. You're feeling the freedom to wear whatever you like and perhaps show a little more skin than usual as you feel free and happy. You're going out for a meal in the evening to a lovely restaurant, maybe with some dancing and cocktails afterwards. Would you opt for comfort or go all out on the glam? How would you accessories your outfit?"

I have finally booked a holiday and i'm slowly looking to buy new things, but I do own a lot so i'm trying to be good! 

On the shopping day I arranged at the end of May I bought my first playsuit and It will be coming on holiday with me. 

I wore it when I went for a meal with some of my friends a couple of weeks ago, on holiday i'll style it without the tights but June in the UK and they are still needed. 

I recently saw a woman wearing this during the day and she'd added a belt and i think i'm going to copy her nect time i wear it. 

I got this in the 26 as I wanted plenty of room and didn't want the fear of splitting the seat when i sat down but I'd be tempted to get the 24 when I buy another one (yes i have my eye one at least one more!) 

What will you be wearing on your summer holiday?

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  1. You look fabulous I am still yet to take the plunge with a playsuit! Seeing you in yours makes me want to get one! x

  2. I've been really wary of them but i have my eye one about 3 more x

  3. You look lovely!! The skirt is so cute!!




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