Other ways to wear my claire richards top

Sunday, July 06, 2014

You might remember quite while ago I got sent a couple of things from Fashion World

I've worn the Jeans a few times and I love them. I have also used the bag pretty much every day but the top has been worn once.

It's a really great top, it looks like a shirt but has no buttons so no gapes. it's a decent length so good to wear with jeans and trousers. 

I guess I'm a bit afraid of pale colours. I'm messy and only have to look at food and it's tipped all down me. 

I got this skirt from Tesco a few weeks ago and planned to save it for my holiday as I think it'll be good for round the pool as it's a better length for me than a lot of the beach skirts that are around. But as I only paid £5 for the skirt I thought I may as well get some wear out of it. 

I was really unsure so I put the above snaps of Instagram and got some fantastic feedback! Thank you. I felt really happy and confident wearing this.

What do you think? I've got the same skirt in the blue version and I think i'll be getting to wear the top a bit more now i've found this combination! 

What do you think? 

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