The Quest Continues .... The Holiday Shoe Edition

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just some times an email lands in an inbox at the perfect time, I'm been looking for holiday items online and in real life shops.

I've had a bit of luck clothing wise but very little luck footwear wise. When Protest got in contact and asked if I wanted to try something from their website I volunteered my size 7's or Euro 41's cos I'm one of those people who tends to go off European sizes.

I got sent these two pairs of flipflips and I'm made up.They couldn't have chosen better for me if i'd picked them myself.

Lucio Slaps £17.99

Of the two pairs I think these are my favourite. I love Navy for holiday and who doesn't love a good stripe. I also like how the straps are pattern matched with the sole at the front of the shoe.

As first glance they look similar to your average flipflop, they are foam and rubber but when you look at the profile view you can see they are shaped around the arch of the foot.

This makes them really comfy and they help keep them on my feet better. I also really like the Protest brand badge in the bronze colour. this way it won't wear off in the sun.

I wanted to show you the sole of the shoe as if your anything like me the first thing you do when buying shoes is look at the bottoms.

Initially I was a bit disappointed to see the three plugs from the straps as I can usually feel these when I walk and they really irritate me. However after walking round in these for a little while on different occasions this past week. I haven't felt them once. 

The one thing I will say about them is the print on the inside of the flipflop has started to wear off already. I expected it to wear off. It's been very hot. I have hideous feel which will have contributed to this wear but I just wanted to make you aware of this. They are not immune to wear. I don't mind this, I kinda like the worn in and well love look (you should see my old flipflops they were all white and now a mucky grey brown colour and have been on about 5 more holidays than they should have) 

Senna Slaps £19.99

The first thing that strikes me with these flipflops is how summery they look with the coral colour and the paisley print. 

To me these look more surfer girl look to them and I could Imagine someone walking down the beach surf board in hand ( Not me ovbs - I'm the one on the prom saying I don't like sand but I really want to paddle!)

This pair isn't shaped around the arch of the foot but it is slightly angled so the back is thicker than the front. It isn't a massive difference but enough to make is comfier for walking. 

I haven't worn this pair as much as the blue pair but I can confirm they feel comfy and I might have to break my no sand rule and make some patterns with the sole of these. Unless I can wait until winter and make my impressions in the snow (Not recommended blue toes are not in this season - unless you have naturally blue toes then yay blue toes. I'll stop digging!) 

While these pair are more expensive than some on the high street / supermarkets they are on parr with some other well known flipflip brands and I really like them. 

These two pairs have pretty much guaranteed their place in my suitcase for Tenerife 2014

As you know I'm always on the look out for Holiday footwear. I need to sort out some sandals / going out shoes, tell me your recommendations. They need to be flat or a very low wedge! 

I was sent these items free of charge but as always all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Oh, pretty colours! I love the look of flipflops, but I've yet to find a pair that's comfy - the toe posts always drive me mad! :-) xz

  2. Thank you, I struggle with toe posts as well. Only flipflops with toe posts don't really bother me but as soon as they get classed more of a sandal / shoe they lose their comfort! x


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