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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to say I haven't been around very much because I've become addicted to a Youtube Channel - Grav3yard Girl. I'm hooked!

I've said before I don't really like you tube, I don't watch any channels but I tend to watch every now and again or if i'm trying to do somethimg. Fishtail plaits and loom bands have been my recent search terms!

So I haven't given up. I am still about on social media.

I have got  a few things coming up on the blog and I really need to write things up, good intentions like coming up to bed at 8pm to blog but i got lots in you tube.

Things i'm planning to blog about.

It's not long till the 2014 Plus North. I found a lot of my photo's in draft and realised i didn't do a full post so I want to write that up.

I have new holiday shoes! I've bought some and i've been gifted some flipflops so I want to show them to you,  it's only 9.5 weeks till I go away and I got an exciting email today to say the flight time has been brought forward almost 5 hours! Thats five hours more holiday!!!

I'm also trying to find some decent biniki's that cost under £25 for the set and are nice and high waisted. I also need some pretty dresses. I had £300 worth in my Asos basket but managed to step away, then I filled a basket on Forever 21 plus but then I paniced about sizing. if anyone can translate the sizes for me it'd be appreciated. I couldn't get the size guide to load on the website.

The there is Plus North, I really want to buy my train ticket but I can't get my manager to confirm if I can leave early on the friday, if i can't i might change my hotel and just stay Saturday night.

Ok what else have I got to tell you about, some more essesnce favourites, i've had another weekend in Skipton and I still need to do my LEB, OMCZ posts

I've got a couple of other beauty type posts to talk about and I'm taking part in another book swap so I can tell you about the book I receive! I haven't been to the post office yet with my book but I will go soon! It's sat there ready to go!!

I feel like I should have checked my camera and draft posts before I started to write this.

I'll leave it there and keeps your eyes peeled for some new posts!!!

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  1. The Kelly Brook collection of bikinis for New Look have lovely bikinis many of which are high wAisted. Plus quite a few are now in the sale xxx


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