#BlogEveryDayAugust2014 Day 12 -Savoury or Sweet, Discuss ...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's not to late to join in and link up. A list of the prompts can be found HERE

Savoury or Sweet

Usually I'd say savoury, no questions asked and in my note book for this prompt I put  SAVOURY

But I prefer the mix of sweet and savoury, I always go for the mixed pop corn. or if i'm at the cinemaq buy salt popcorn and add in minstrels. When I was at school we always used to buy Pretzel flips (They did come back for a while) 

I also used to love dipping the fish and chip crisps in chocdip pots! I found some fish and chips in morrison this week and while they are amazing they're not quite how I remember them. I remember them having as slightly fishy smell / taste and these are now just salt and vinegar. I still have the urge to dip them in Chocolate! 

Another new LOVE is Cadburys and Ritz biscuits! these are amazing but I could do with a bit more biscuit to my chocolate. 

So a bit of a cop out really! I love both equally! 

Tomorrow -  False Eyelashes / Eye makeup 

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