#BlogEveryDayAugust2014 Day 4 - #WeBlogMCR 2

Monday, August 04, 2014

Recent Events

Some time I feel like I don't see other bloggers for weeks on end and while the internet is a great place to meet and chat nothing beats meeting up in real life and chatting. 

Holly has set up #WeBlogMCR and last week I went to the second meet up. It's such a great idea. Local Bloggers of all genres getting together, chatting. The first two meet ups have been weekday evening in Manchester City Centre which have been really handy for me to get to after work. You can read about the first one

The Second Meet Up

The second meet up was a little bit different, it was on a bus! Not just any bus but a bus filled with Wine! 

Holly had booked the upstairs deck of the Casillero del Diablo Wine Legend Tour. The bus was parked just off Deansgate in Spinningfields. 

I arrived early as I always do and was soon Joined by Nina and we were invited upstairs before 

The views from the top of the bus were fab, I love the architecture of Manchester. The very Old, with the old, with the not so new and finally the brand new. Everything fits together and no matter how much I look, I always see something new. 

I didn't catch the name of this blogger, I've put the picture up as i'm hoping someone can let me know who she is and I will remove the picture if she doesn't want it up! 

Did I mention we were on a bus fully stocked with wine? We were very kindly treated the the first glass on the house. They had a wine for most tastes. I went with the Shiraz Rosé which I have to say was very nice and I will be keeping my eye out for it when I go shopping. I've mainly been drinking prosecco recently after my mums holiday to Italy. 

This picture tickled me, When bloggers meet. Wine and Smart phones. There is one other surefire thing that happens when bloggers meet and that is Selfies! 

Holly had prepared a few sheets and I love some of the sayings on them. 

Casillero de Diablo were also hosting a competition to win a 3 liter bottle of wine. This was open to everyone who visits them (they are going round the country) Details should be on their facebook page 

There were 11 I think and some i'd met at the first meet up and there were some new faces. I think with this meet up I got to speak to more people. Because were limited seats we mainly stood up and I think this allowed us to mingle more. I think I spoke to everyone at one time or another and while we split off into little groups it was easy to move round and chat. 

I think it's lovely that a group of people who potentially would never all get to the same event for a brand would meet that we do and it's so easy. 

I'm already looking forward to the next one which I think is in the planning stages and I think will be something different again.  

A massive thank you to Holly for organising such a great evening and to the guys working on the Castillo del Diablo bus who were all really nice and provided us with a bottle of wine, Devil Horns and a poncho (Which thankfully we didn't need) to take home, which was a lovely surprise. I certainly wasn't expecting anything from them. 

Here's to the next event! 

Other Events

At the end on the month I'm off to Plus North in Leeds and I'm looking at booking tickets for Blog On which is in May 2015. I'm torn as it's near my Birthday and Bank Holiday weekend but oh so tempted!

What events have you been to recently? Do you know any happening in Manchester area. Please let me know, I love a good event. It's a great way to connect with other bloggers and brands.

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  1. I missed another! I hope to get along to one when thinks calm down after the Summer madness, still, wine, on a bus. Gutted to miss it! Thanks for linking up to #WHWH

  2. It was a small meet up. I think she is already in the planning stages of the third one.

    there is a FB page called #weblogmcr and a twitter and she tends to post stuff on there.

    I do love your linky. I finally found time to read some of the posts.

    I should be able to link up again in next couple of weeks about plun north xxx


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