#BlogEveryDayAugust2014 Day 7 - Holiday Essentials

Thursday, August 07, 2014

It's not to late to join in and link up. A list of the prompts can be found HERE

In some ways this challenge is a bit of a countdown / distraction to my holiday! 6 weeks and 6 days till I go away. Not that i'm counting.

I wanted to do a few holiday related posts and I really need to take pictures of all the lovely new stuff i've bought and put away for my holiday.

There are always things I forget about taking so I want to know what are your holiday essentials.

I've made a list of 10 things I always want to take away, but I know i've missed things. what should i be taking away with me?

1. Bikini's - I don't like tankini's or swimming costumes unless i'm doing "proper" swimming". I hate my belly being cold and wet, so with a bikini I can easily get try and I don't really care if people are looking at me. It's only when people make comment like, ooo aren't you brave, what if people look at you? No i'm not brave, It's not something i've ever thought about and I quite like having a tanned belly! People will look at me and I will look at them and unless they are total turds they will Smile, Nod and get on with what they are doing. If they want to talk about me or anyone else good luck to them, it's nice to know i've made their holiday!!! (Not really) But what can I do about it.

I have 3 new ones, 2 are from Sainsburys and one is from ASOS.

2. Hair Protector - I don't know the real name for this and it could be why I can't find any. In the past i've had a hair mist with SPF in it. my scalp always burns and I want something to protect it. Do you know of any? Let me know.

3. Insect Repellent- I don't know if i'll need this in Tenerife in September. I'm assuming there will be some bity things around

4. Hair Grips / Headbands - My hair will be too short to tie up. All that effort to grow and then I get it cut. I need my hair off my face while I sunbathe.I will probably take a bandanna rather than a headband

5. Sun Cream - Obvious and not sure why this isn't number one. I never use less than factor 20 and i'll be taking factor 30 with me. Nothing worse than burning. I still get a tan with the higher factors and i'd hate to miss out on any of my holiday being burnt. I also buy a separate facial sun cream and regular sun creams make my face sting.

6. Exfoliater - Gets rid of dead skin cells and sun cream and helps to prevent peeling

7. Under eye roller - I took one last year and kept it in the fridge. When I got too hot getting ready I'd roll it on my pulse points. The one I had was only £1 so I didn't feel like I was wasting it

8. Cycling Shorts - Don't worry \I won't be cycling. I have a couple of pairs that are the same fabric as leggins. I wear them under dresses to prevent chub rub. It also helps if it's windy and your frock blows up you're not flashing next weeks washing

9. Antihistamines - I suffer from prickly heat and hay fever and these are my best friend. I take them most days over here but I double up on holiday (I have checked with a doctor. Check with your own before using medication differently than prescribed)

10. Books - I read a lot of holiday and ut tends to average one book a day

There are of course other things I take. Clothes, Shoes, Makeup, Cracked heel cream, deodorant, Passport, Tickets etc.

BUT i think the above list are my holiday top 10. I also used my new towel as the background

Tell me your Holiday essentials 

Ps I will be taking a hairbrush!!

Tomorrows post will be Make something (Share a recipe or just what you had for tea)

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  1. sounds a perfect essentials list to me!

  2. Great list, I always have to make several lists before I go away. I have to put the most basic things on there as well so I don't forget! I have to say I tend to overpack though.


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