How I want Autumn 2014 to look

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Despite being on holiday, I am really looking forward to autumn. I love bright sunny days but cold enough to wear a warm coat, jumper dresses and boots. 

Last week I asked what people were looking forward to and the first reply I got was Hot Chocolate with marshmallows. This wouldn't be my drink of choice but reminded me of Costa's Spiced Apple drink. I really hope it'll be out again this year.

I also need a new winter coat, jumper dresses and boots.

Arctic Roll

Fake Bake Off

Monday, September 29, 2014

This post has nothing to do with Fake Tan or GBBO. 

It's a celebration of all that is right in the world of ice cream and cake based food products. 

Ever since GBBO came back on we have been craving ARCTIC ROLL! every week we're we want something, but what is it. It isn't busicuits or pies or baked alaska. 

Our very own show stopper is what tesco like to call ice cream roll but to us will always be Arctic roll. 

We don't always jazz it us, but occasionally we'll add maltesers and strawberries to make it a bit fancy. 

Ok so we didn't make it ourselves but you know what it's the best!

Suits You

Suits You - Lisa-Marie #4

Friday, September 26, 2014

This month it was my turn to style Lisa Marie. When it came time to decide I realised I wasn't following her on Instagram or Twitter and had no idea where to start. 

A quick blog stalk later I knew exactly what I'd pick for her, if only I could find it!


Instagram is lisawonderlandd

I'm writing this early as I'll be on holiday when this goes live and I'll have probably changed my mine between now and then. 

My inspiration came from a trip to Matalan, I'm really loving the Rodgers and Rodgers range they have at the moment. I think they've done really well to inject a bit more style and though into it recently. 

Rogers Check Printed Leggings £10.00
Rogers Sheer Panel Blouse £16.00
Concealed Wedge High Tops £20.00
Rope Tassel Bead Necklace  £6.00             

I'm not totally convinced the shirt will be long enough to wear with leggins on their own but I love the colour of the shirt so much? 

Patricia will be styling me this month, I can't wait to see what she comes up with! 

What do you think? Would you wear this outfit? Do you think  Lisa-Marie will? 


August Empties

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

As part of my Blog Every Day in August one of the last prompts was to save the empties for the month and blog about them.

I was hoping to Vlog about them but I haven't plucked up the courage to talk on camera as yet. 

I feel like there is tonnes of stuff here and I feel that it's rate that I actually finish products so I made the effort to use things up. I also selected it as prompt as I knew I was coming to the end of a few things and was sure I could use them up by the end of the month.

When I first started reading and watching empties posts I was a bit like. I don't care about your trash.

BUT after watching a few and thinking about it I actually thought it's really good to see what people thing of products they have actually used up.

Hair Products

Batiste Dry Shampoo a hint of colour medium and brunette - I don't know why I keep buying Batisite it really doesn't agree with my scalp. I did use this up and for me it is one of the better ones they do. When they first brought out the hint of colour there was a brown / brunette one and that was amazing. It didn't make my scalp itch and didn't give me the grey sheen. I can't find the same one anywhere.

Toni & Guy Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray -  This was in a beauty box and I'm really impressed with it. It gives really good hold without being too firm and sticky. I don't use hairspray very often but this has been my go to one and I'm actually quite sad it's finished.

Lee Stafford Hair growth Shampoo / Conditioner and hair mask - This may well be an emperors new clothes type of product for some but I really like it. It works really well as hair product for me. It doens't make me have an itchy scalp. The shampoo is clear which works best for my hair. While I don't know if it actually helped my hair grow I do like it. I will repurchase it. I have this is at least the third time I've bought it.
Hand Cream

Atrixo - I can't remember where I got this from. I think it might have been from a goodie bag. Atrixo is the handcream of my childhood and it's always a really good thick cream. I'm prone to getting Eczema on my hands so this type if hand cream is good for me when i'm about to have a breakout.

Boots Hand and Nail Cream - I bought this and it was under £2. Although i've used the whole tube i'm still undecided about it. It feels a bit tacky when it goes on and doesn't sink in as quickly but as a cheap handcream its ok.

Essence Gel Nails at home super rich hand and nail cream - I picked this up at the Essence event a couple of months ago. My first impression was that I hated it, it smells quite chemically and it takes a while to soak in, but after using it for a couple of weeks I actually really like it and I would buy it again.

L'Occitane Amande Delicious Hands - I got this free from L'Occitane earlier in the year when they did a facebook promotion. I really like this. I did use this tube in a day. it smells amazing but I don't think i'd repurchase it.

Face Products

Clinique 3 step systems - I bought this from Debemhams for £18 (Special offer)  a while ago. I decided I needed to make a conscious effort to take care of my skin. I went for the number 2 Dry Combination. Initially I was impressed and my skin felt amazing,
    Liquid Soap -  I do really like this, it makes my skin feel really clean. I do use it after I remove my make up and I still wash my face before using it.
   Clarifying Lotion-  Really mixed reviews on this. It smells really strong and it almost burns and makes my face feel really tight initially but after a few mins I like how it makes my skin feel.
Moisturing lotion - I didn't like the moisturiser it doesn't feel like it did anything amazing

Over all I would try the three step system again but I'd try the number 3 system now i'm in a better skin care routine.

REN Gel Active 7 - I got this free with a magazine last year and use it on and off. I do like it and it makes me under eye area feel less puffy, but I'm not that massively into eye gels and wouldn't re buy it.

Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel - This was from a goodie bag and I finally decide to use it. I managed to get three uses out of this BUT I did the first two wrong! Ops I don't really see the point of this. When I did use it correctly I didn't really feel any exfoliating benefits.

No 7 Beautiful Skin Night cream - This was in a Christmas set and it's something I only use when my skin feels really dry and it is really thick and soaks in really quickly.

Essence minis to go demakeup wipes - These were from the essence event. I tend not to use wipes as much as I used to but it's always handy to have some around. I really like these and I have already repurchased these. I think they are £1.29. They are very small wipes but my face feels really clean after i've used them.

Aapri Exfoliating Cleansing Pillows - I bought these about 2 years ago and kept them at the caravan. Bought them more as a nostalgia thing and I don't think i'll be buying again but I love the idea of these. They have exfoliating dots on one side and are smooth on the other. They are handy to have but I'd rather use a wipe or a liquid cleanser.

Body Scrub

Soap and Glory  Flake Away - Again this was from a Christmas set. I really like this. I saved it to take away with me and it's taken quite a while to use up. I have a big pot of this on the go as well. I don't think i'd buy it myself but i'm sure it will always be a staple of the christmas sets. 4


Pearldrops Pro White 4D - Normally I wouldn't have saved a toothpaste to show you but this is the 2nd one i've gone through. Both have come from goodie bags but i have to say this is the best tooth paste i've ever used. I haven't repurchased it for two reasons. One I haven't actually seen it in any shops and two my papa buys toothpaste in bulk at costco so I kinda don't need to spend my own money of toothpaste. BUT it is amazing.


Benefit Porefessional - This was either free with a magaizine or from a set I bought from boots that had 3 benefit miniatures in for £9.99. I love this. I am considering buying a full size tube of it BUT it is expensive.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 002 - This is from Boots and is the second I'v had and this is my favourite primer ever and one of the things putting my off buying the full size benefit primer!

Cotton Products

Johnson's Cotton Buds - I'm a bit of cotton bud snob! I go through a lot of cotton buds and I only like the Johnson's ones. I tend to buy them from the pound shops.

Boots Essentials Cotton Wool Pads. These are really soft, but I bought because I got myself a cotton wool acrylic storage container which is round. I had been buying superdrugs square version which are bigger. But as cotton wool pads go they are nice and soft.

I think that concludes the empties for August. I don't expect to have any empties for quite a while but do you like empties posts? Should I carry on saving my trash?

Plus North

Plus North - Friday

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I think i've finally recovered from this years Plus North and found some time to look through the few pictures I took.

I took 2 cameras and my phone and I took so few pictures and what photo's I did take on the camera's are such bad quality I'm having to use my phone pictures. 

I was going to split this into a number of posts but because it's been a few weeks I think i'm going to do one long post so please bear with me.

I booked a half day from work on the friday and got the train from Manchester Piccadilly over to Leeds. 

Trains make me nervous, I'm always wary I'll miss my stop or not be able to get my luggage and off the train in time. I have never once missed my stop or failed to take my bags so I don't know why it affects me so much. 

I'd been so rubbish before this years Plus North. I didn't make plans to meet up (apart from a meal on friday night) with anyone or what money or clothes to take. I think it might have been because I wasn't modelling or helping out (my own choice) I just didn't think about it. 

A couple of days before I went into full on panic mode but then though, just go! You will know people. You will have a good time and if the worst comes to the worst you have an open return train ticket. You go home. 

I came out of Leeds train station and bumped into Becky. I found out she was staying at my hotel, but she was off to get a new Tattoo. She still had my mobile number from last time and she'd text me later on. 

I know it sounds daft but I instantly felt calmer and KNEW the weekend would be good. I knew I'd speak to people, I knew there would be people who wanted to see me and speak to me as much as I wanted to see them. I don't know if it's because I'm an only child but I do spend a lot of time on my own. I struggle to here and if I don't know someones voice I can't hear them if there is background noise, this makes me feel awkward and antisocial.

Friday Afternoon. 

I knew exactly where my hotel was so how I got lost is beyond me. After a slight detour I checked in to my Hotel Took a Selfie then headed out. 

I'd worked in the morning so I needed something work appropriate and comfy to travel in: 

Top - Zara (really old and now in the bin) 
Jeggins - Sainsburys Size 22 £12
Shoes - Hotter - gifted

I love Leeds as a city, it's not really a fat girls mecca but I love the atmosphere and always feel happy to go there. 

I needed to have some lunch so headed up to Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom which is in The Grand Arcade. 

I've been past it a few times but never had time to pop in. I'm so glad I did it's a little treasure of a place and I could have happily stayed there all afternoon. 

The Meni's are inside album sleeves and all the china is mismatched and adorable. 

They have an enormous array of tea's but I had to go for good old Yorkshire tea. I also went for a chicken and stuffing sandwich from the specials board.

My gran has this stool! I wanted to take more photo's but there were quite a lot of people in there and I didn't want to get strangers in my blog post pictures.

I did have a quick pop round the shops and got a towel and some hair dye. A Life's Big Canvas Hair clip from Our Handmade Collective which is also in The Grand Arcade. 

Friday Night

The very lovely Emma AKA The Smyth had organised a meal for around 25 fats at Cosmo. I knew I needed to be comfy for a buffet restaurant and went for 

Kimono & Necklace - Tesco
Vest - Matalan
Skinny Jeans - Newlook

We were split out over a few tables but was so amazing to be around so many amazing people. There are too many to name individually but what is amazing is how nice everyone is.

Emma had organised a little goodie bag for us all. I realised that I didn't take a picture of everything Em had put together. Sadly in my packing all the components of have been displaced.

The goodie bag had a name sticker, pen to write our name (fab idea), Sweets, Glittery hearts, bubbles. She had also been sent some Silver and Gold Temporary Tattoos and a necklace from Emi Jewellery
I did take a picture of the necklace. It's a bit on the short side for me but They do have lots of other items and I have seen someone with a really cute apple necklace.

The restaurant was a world buffet and there was a lot of different choices but I stuck to the chinese section, it was really nice.  

I ended the night in what's becoming a bit of a Plus North Tradition, Drinks in a travelodge bar!

One day down two to go... I'm still writing up the posts about Saturday and Sunday. I have so much to say but I haven't got the words to type. 

I will get there soon! 

Did you go to Plus North this year? How did you find it? I'd love to know x

Fatshionologie. Fatshionologie Linky

Fatshionologie - #2 Second Hand

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I love that Fatshionologie has been resurrected by Becky. This time it's a blog hop rather than a fixed group of bloggers taking part.

There is a list of monthly themes and if you have an outfit post that you feel fits with that post you link up. you can also put the widget on your own blog. Which means when you add the code and link up your blog link will appear on everyone's blog with the code. As it's a blog hop it is also polite to visit and comment everyone who has linked up.

Second Hand is this months this month theme and I do have quite a lot of secondhand clothes. I'm quite partial to the odd charity shop bargain and I love a good clothes swap.

I got this amazing skirt from the Clothes Swap at Plus North at the end of last month. I love it. I really struggle to get skirts to fit that I like, that fit in the right place and are a decent length.

This was originally from ASOS. I don't know how long ago it was bought or who took it to the swap but who ever you are THANK YOU!

It's a good length for work and while i did have the usual spin and not sitting in the same place all day thing I get with most skirts. I was really comfy and I can't wait to wear it again.

I kept it simple for work and wore a plain black top which I think is from Sainsburys and I actually wore tights!

Holiday Essentials

Primark Haul

Friday, September 19, 2014

After being cooped up in the house ill for a week I went a little shopping crazy when I was finally well enough to go out. 

I don't think I went that crazy in Primark but I did have a couple of trips and spent about £30 over all (Maybe who counts) 

The first time I went I got these two candles. They were only £1.50 each and I've put them on the heart shelves in my room. I will probably never light them. I'm always scared I'll burn the house down! They smell amazing but I can't remember the flavours!

Haribo Goldbears or Golden bears as I always call them. £0.90. These are my all time favourite Haribo confection. I didn't know they were Halal maybe these are special ones. Does anyone know?

A belt. A Size M belt I might add. It's super stretchy elastic and I bought it to go with a maxidress I got from BHS (you might have seen it on instagram) I've also worn it with my jumpsuit. It cost a whole £2

Superhero socks £1.00 Yay socks. What can I say.. just look how marvelous they are.

Gel Pens £1. You know me I love pens

My second trip was an equal success. 

Hair clips £1, just look at how many I got. My hair is almost there for getting up in a pony tail. OK that might be an exaggeration but they were so pretty and these clips will help.

Powder Brush £1.50. I've been using an ELF brush but it isn't soft enough, it isn't soft at all. I really want a real techniques one but can't justify it so I though this might be worth a try and I really like it so far. 

Sunglasses - £2.00 I won't be able to see anything when I wear them but decided I really liked them. they will be ok for posing in on holiday. Who needs to see all the time anyway!

Black Vest - I seem to be going through a black phase clothes wise so decided to get another vest. they only had 18s and I haven't tried it on so it might be a donation to the overflowing wardrobe of la mama

Wired Headband - I know my hair will annoy me on holiday. I thought this was pretty cute and will help keep my hair off my face and neck and who knows I might even look cute wearing it!

Have you been to Primark recently? What did you get?

Growing my hair 2014

Old Wives Tail - Growing my hair update

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A couple of months ago I was asked if I wanted to try a hair growth treatment and as i'd run out of my Lee Stafford treatment I decided to give it ago.

Despite cutting my hair I'm still trying to grow it and I'm hoping it won't belong before I can tie it all back in a pony tail (A plait would be amazing)

I was sent the Meado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment by Old Wives Tail and it retails for £13.99 with Free P&P (my favourite thing)

It smells amazing, it is an oil so for me a little goes a long way.

You massage it in to wet hair and leave on for an hour. I must admit I have only once left it on that long and I can't say I've noticed much of a difference from leaving it on for 30 mins or a hour but my hair is naturally very oily so this could be why.

You then rinse your hair, shampoo and rinse until it runs clear and condition the ends if you feel it needs it. I have been conditioning the end but i'm one of those people who likes to use matching shampoo and conditioner at all times.

My hair has grown in the couple of months I've been using this. It is also really shiny and health looking.

I've been dying my hair blonder and blonder over the past few months and I have no dry or frazzled ends and I'm sure this is helping.

It is an expensive treatment but I feel you are paying for a good quality product. As i've said a little goes a long way and I think this will last me a good while yet. 

It used certified organic ingredients only, it is sulphate and parben free as well as being gulten free suitable for vegans and vegetarian . They also don't test on animals. 

if you're looking for a hair treatment i'd say this is a good one to try. 

Do you use hair treatments? I'd love to know what you use? 

Suits You - Sally

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A very belated Suits you from me this month. I did blame Plus North and being ill for not having chance to do it.

I've sat down tonight and had a good blog stalk of Sally and one thing I know is she isn't afraid of colour, she loves dresses and has an amazing blog.

If you don't already she can be found:

Blog address:

Twitter: @sallywills

Instagram: @sallywills

As this is a bit of a fantasy shop I have gone a little more on the pricey side of things. 

When I went to style Sally I was just looking for a dress in a bright colour. I hadn't really thought of an occasion or style. ASOS is my favourite website to browse if I have to do online shopping so unless I have seen something in a real shop it's my starting point for all these challenges. 

Little Mistress Embellished V Neck Skater Dress £60.00     
Silver Formal Zip Front Backpack £19.99
ASOS SALON SHOWSTOPPER Heeled Sandals £85.00

Aged Effect Cuff Bracelet £17.00

I saw this dress and fell in love. I could see Sally wearing this. I do think it's a bit longer than what she normally wears but I can't for the life of me work out how tall she is (I have tweeted her! 5'8 - the model is 5'10)

I think it has a bit of a downton feel to it and I hate to use the C word but It would be nice for a Christmas Party.

The Bag is the only Item I struggled with for this challenge, I have become obsessed by backpacks and I couldn't move away from it.

These shoes OMG. flowers and silver and 3D effect If Sally doesn't like like them I'll take them (I realise these are just virtual and neither of us will get our grubby little mits on them)

Leah is styling me this month. I don't know if she's posted yet but I can't wait to see what she picks out for me.


Yours Clothing - Sales Buys

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I popped in to my local Yours clothing store at weekend and they had an extra 20% off sale items so it would have been rude not to take them up on the offer! 

I got a long sleeved stripped top. This is also really long in the body and I could possibly wear it with leggins. 

I also got some denim shorts,  sized up two sizes as it was the only pair they had left and i've been after these for a while. They are knee length. I know the picture makes them look short but it's how I folded them. They are really stretchy denim and while I will have to wear a belt with them, they are not massively big. 

I'm thinking about wearing them for travelling on holiday in and taking or wearing a vest top for when we arrive.

I spend £18.50 and full price it should have been £45. I like that kind of saving!

Have you got any sales bargains recently? 

Hotel Room

My Plus North Hotel - Cosmopolitan Leeds

Monday, September 08, 2014

I started this post earlier but it turned in to the Plus North Broke me post! 

I love nosying round hotel rooms and because I remembered to take pictures of my room before I turned it into a tip I thought I'd share where I stayed. 

I stayed at the Cosmopolitan in Leeds which is in a fairly central location, my only bugbear with the location is when I walked up to town when I got there a girl ran past me chasing a lad and I think she'd just been mugged which worried me and I wouldn't want to walk back from the town centre to the hotel on my own at night (I'd be like that in a lot of places do don't let this put you off) 

The location is handy for the train station and the shops as well as loads of bars and the venue for plus north was next door to the hotel. 

Check in was easy, I had a warm welcome and despite arriving in early they let me check in and go to my room. 

I paid £108 for a single room for two mights which seemed expensive at the time of booking but I don't think is too bad. I'd originally booked another budget hotel but changed to this one because of the location and I paid about £5 more but I'd say this is a much nice hotel than what I'd originally booked. 

As i've said it was a single room which was small but I hd plenty of room for my stuff and it was a comfy room.

In real life I don't remember it being so brown! It was also a really light room and as it was on the side of the hotel there was no noise from outside.

There wasn't any heating control but there was a radiator and a ceiling fan which I did need to use.

There is also free WiFi in the bedrooms, I had a pretty strong signal and even managed to watch youtube in my room but I know others who couldn't pick up the WiFi in their room.

The bathroom was a little dated but it was clean and the shower was amazing. Nice and powerful and it stayed a constant temperature.

They also provided toiletries including, shampoo, bath foam, a sewing kit, over night kit with cotton buds and a nail file. A shoe shiner and two ikea pots one with cotton wool balls and another with bath salts (A nice and cute touch)

The only real downside was noisy guests on the friday night arguing in the corridor and doors banging. This was at midnight and 2am so coming home from the pub times. The rooms are opened with a real key which I think was the source of the struggle. I can't blame the hotel for the noise but that was my pet peeve.

I would stay here again and on the Saturday night I had a cracking sleep.

Did you go to Plus North? What was you're hotel room like?


Plus North Broke Me!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Last weekend I went over to Leeds for Plus North which if you don't know is an event where Plus Size folk get together, chat, speak to brands who sell plus size clothes and generally have a jolly good time. 

I got home on Sunday afternoon feeling knackered, sneezing but amazing. By Monday afternoon which I'd thankfully booked off work I was on my knees and have spent the rest of the week in bed. I had to phone in work sick and until Saturday morning didn't switch on the computer.

Liquids are my friend!
We've been so busy at work I felt so bad for not going in but physically I couldn't do it. I went to the walk in centre on Thursday morning with the intention of going to work after. Thinking they'd tell me I was being over dramatic and say it was just a cold. 

She told me I had a viral infection raging round my body and antibiotics would be useless, If I had tonsils i'd have severe tonsillitis but because they've been removed my body doesn't know what to do with itself and it's bouncing between my ears and chest and can't settle.   I needed sleep, water and told me to phone work there and then and tell them I'd be back on Monday. She also said my blood pressure was through the roof, but decided that it was the adrenaline of coming out to the walk in centre. I've had really erratic sleep and then having the stress of making sure I was awake at 8.30 to ring in work to tell them I wasn't going to be in. 

Waiting for the bus back from the walk in centre
 I took their advice  which was pretty much what i'd been doing all week and slept all day Thursday and most of Friday and by 5pm Friday I felt 100 times better. I knew i felt better as I felt hungry. The only downside was all the sleep caught up with me and I didn't sleep at all on Friday night. I didn't help every time I lie down I get this really fake sounding cough. I finally fell asleep 6am Saturday Morning. I don't think it helped I was home alone. The wind, rain and every little noise my house made had me on edge. I'd say I had a good sleep from 6am - 11am but I'd clearly been sleep walking (scary when home alone) I woke up surrounded by clean washing that my mum had hung out Friday day and i'd brought in and left in the dining room on Friday night. My feet were also dirty so I don't know if i'd been outside or if they'd got dirty when I brought the washing in! I hope the latter. The house was all locked up in the morning so I  think I stayed inside!

5am Friday Night / Saturday Morning wanting sleep
I braved town on Saturday mainly to starve off the cabin fever and to get more pain killers. I bumped into my gran who asked if I was feeling better before I could answer she said you're not well look at your eyes! Thanks gran, glad she didn't see me earlier in the week!

Did you go to Plus North? Did you survive? 

PS I'm in no way blaming Plus North for getting Ill. I'm 99% sure my germs came from my mum!

Baby Shower

And puppy dog tails....

Sunday, September 07, 2014

A couple if weeks ago I was invited to a baby shower organised by one of my close friends.

I'd been looking for something to take and while my actual present was actually organised by someone from work (Thank you!!!) I wanted to take something else with me.

When the lovely people at Baker Days contacted me about trying one of their letter box cakes I thought the baby shower would be the perfect opportunity for a cake.

My friend kindly let me put it on the buffet table and it fitted in really well with the other cupcakes they had ordered. 

My friend also makes Nappy Cakes, I know it's slightly blury but I wanted to show you how amazing it was.

My friends mum cut the cake and it was lovely and fresh, I know it is letterbox sized but I was still expecting jam and cream. I think this was expecting too much because otherwise it wouldn't have fitted through the letterbox. 

The sponge was a nice vanilla sponge, they also have a number of other options including wheat and gluten free. They also have dairy free options.

The icing is very sweet and attached with a thin layer of buttercream so you get that to break up the cake and icing ratio. You can also personalise the icing with your own design or picture. I asked Baker Days to come up with their own design.

I was a bit nervous about going as my usual plus one was on holiday and as we all know i'm not a baby person and I only knew 3 other people at the shower but I had a lovely afternoon. I got to spend time with my friend and her little girl is about 14 months and  a bit more robust now so we had a lovely time playing with her Peppa Pig mobile.

The mummy to be was also spoilt rotten, this is just the tip of the present iceberg and apart from a small child running full whack into a pole dancing pole a good time was had by all!

Do you like the idea of cake in the post? I think this is a lovely idea and a real treat for someone you love.

The cake was provided free of charge but all opinions are my own. 

The Glamour Beauty Edit

Glamour Beauty Box

Saturday, September 06, 2014

This is another long awaited post. Whenever I get a beauty box (I'm not a subscriber, I tend to buy one off boxes when I know the contents) I'm always eager to  get a post up about them but this time I've waited until I've used some of the products.

The Glamour Box is from Latest in Beauty and they do a few different boxes and as far as I can see you always know what you'll be getting with the exception that you might not know what shade of a product you'll be getting. They also have build your own box where you can buy one off products to supplement your box.

I added two extra items this time the Make up Revolution pallet and a Sanctuary Spa body scrub. Sadly the pallet had a smashed colour (it looks ok in the picture but if you look closely you can see the sparkly brown 3rd up on the right is cracked, when i opened it the lid it splattered everywhere!) I'm so glad i wasn't at home when I opened it as it went everywhere! I emailed them attaching photo's and they sent me a replacement no quibble which I think is great service. I know it was only one colour but the fall out had infected all the others and I wasn't going to bother but glad I did.

I really like the colours, some i'll never use and the slots are quite narrow meaning I keep picking up a bit of the next colour when I apply it but it has good pigmentation and lasts really well.

I've put the scrub away for my holiday. I always take a body scrub away with me, I like using it to get rid of the build up of sun cream and I think it stops me peeling as much.

This box was amazing value this month. It's the third Glamour box i've had and I think they get better each time.

As with all boxes there are things I won't use and I've already given some stuff away to friends.

I think I paid £17 not including postage.

I've looked on Boots website and googled prices so these might not be accurate but over all I feel like I got a good deal.

Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan and BB Perfector £6.99 (Rimmel is usually on offer from what I can see) I didn't try this or the Mit (Which I can't seem to find online) I don't use fake tans. I've got a fairly dark complexion so I think this would have been too pale for me anyway but it's a full size product which is always nice to get.

C&E Nail Polish £6 this isn't a brand I've come across before, there was two colours and I was hoping to get the red colour and initially decided I didn't like this one. but i did swatch it on my nail and it's pretty much clear. I did one thin coat and it lasted very well. I am planning on trying this in the next week or so.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil £4.50 for this size about £20 for 200ml. Again not something i've tried, i'm a bit scared of oil based cleaners as my skin gets greasy quickly. It does say it's suitable for all skin types but i'm wary. If I use it i'll let you know!

Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 This is a travel size I know full size ones are about £7 but there are always offers. This smells amazing, I've put this away for my holiday.

Tony and Guy Volume Whip £7.19 again this is full sized. I haven't used it yet but I like the sound of it. I'm going to use it next time I go out.

I did say I wanted to post after i'd used the products and so far it's I've given this away, I've put that to one side, I'm a bit scared of that!!

Next up the products I have used and the real reasons I know i've got my moneys worth!!!

Bourjois Cream Blush 01 £7.99. I am on an eternal quest to get the right blusher. I no matter how many YouTube videos I watch I never feel like I can get it right on me. This little pot is fab as it's really easy to control when I put it on and the colour is lovely.

Illamasqua £18.50 This is one of the new nudes (say that fast 5 times!) This is a brand i've been a bit scared of, it's so fancy and intimidating but when I saw there would be one of these lipsticks in the box I was excited, there are 7 nude shades and I like 4/7. I was please that I did get one of the ones I liked. While I could never justify £18.50 on one lippy this more than covers the cost of the box. It's something I have used and will continue to use and because I didn't pay full for it i'm not scared of it. It goes on easily but I haven't really noticed how long wearing it is. I will pay attention next time

Magnifibers £21 (I think this is the RRP) Wow, I was dubious. I was like what white fluff will make me have long lashes but I love this stuff. I expected it to irritate my eyes but it doesn't. I have long lashes naturally and it really does make them look longer and thicker. I've been using this with a very cheap and basic Essence mascara and I don't think it looks clumpy. I tried it with my Benfit Bad Gal Lash and didn't like it but that had come undone in my makeup bag so i'm blaming it on it being a bit dry rather than the combination itself.

Based on these three items it was a great box. I hope they do more collaborations. I'll report back when I use more of the products in this box