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Sunday, September 07, 2014

A couple if weeks ago I was invited to a baby shower organised by one of my close friends.

I'd been looking for something to take and while my actual present was actually organised by someone from work (Thank you!!!) I wanted to take something else with me.

When the lovely people at Baker Days contacted me about trying one of their letter box cakes I thought the baby shower would be the perfect opportunity for a cake.

My friend kindly let me put it on the buffet table and it fitted in really well with the other cupcakes they had ordered. 

My friend also makes Nappy Cakes, I know it's slightly blury but I wanted to show you how amazing it was.

My friends mum cut the cake and it was lovely and fresh, I know it is letterbox sized but I was still expecting jam and cream. I think this was expecting too much because otherwise it wouldn't have fitted through the letterbox. 

The sponge was a nice vanilla sponge, they also have a number of other options including wheat and gluten free. They also have dairy free options.

The icing is very sweet and attached with a thin layer of buttercream so you get that to break up the cake and icing ratio. You can also personalise the icing with your own design or picture. I asked Baker Days to come up with their own design.

I was a bit nervous about going as my usual plus one was on holiday and as we all know i'm not a baby person and I only knew 3 other people at the shower but I had a lovely afternoon. I got to spend time with my friend and her little girl is about 14 months and  a bit more robust now so we had a lovely time playing with her Peppa Pig mobile.

The mummy to be was also spoilt rotten, this is just the tip of the present iceberg and apart from a small child running full whack into a pole dancing pole a good time was had by all!

Do you like the idea of cake in the post? I think this is a lovely idea and a real treat for someone you love.

The cake was provided free of charge but all opinions are my own. 

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