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Saturday, September 06, 2014

This is another long awaited post. Whenever I get a beauty box (I'm not a subscriber, I tend to buy one off boxes when I know the contents) I'm always eager to  get a post up about them but this time I've waited until I've used some of the products.

The Glamour Box is from Latest in Beauty and they do a few different boxes and as far as I can see you always know what you'll be getting with the exception that you might not know what shade of a product you'll be getting. They also have build your own box where you can buy one off products to supplement your box.

I added two extra items this time the Make up Revolution pallet and a Sanctuary Spa body scrub. Sadly the pallet had a smashed colour (it looks ok in the picture but if you look closely you can see the sparkly brown 3rd up on the right is cracked, when i opened it the lid it splattered everywhere!) I'm so glad i wasn't at home when I opened it as it went everywhere! I emailed them attaching photo's and they sent me a replacement no quibble which I think is great service. I know it was only one colour but the fall out had infected all the others and I wasn't going to bother but glad I did.

I really like the colours, some i'll never use and the slots are quite narrow meaning I keep picking up a bit of the next colour when I apply it but it has good pigmentation and lasts really well.

I've put the scrub away for my holiday. I always take a body scrub away with me, I like using it to get rid of the build up of sun cream and I think it stops me peeling as much.

This box was amazing value this month. It's the third Glamour box i've had and I think they get better each time.

As with all boxes there are things I won't use and I've already given some stuff away to friends.

I think I paid £17 not including postage.

I've looked on Boots website and googled prices so these might not be accurate but over all I feel like I got a good deal.

Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan and BB Perfector £6.99 (Rimmel is usually on offer from what I can see) I didn't try this or the Mit (Which I can't seem to find online) I don't use fake tans. I've got a fairly dark complexion so I think this would have been too pale for me anyway but it's a full size product which is always nice to get.

C&E Nail Polish £6 this isn't a brand I've come across before, there was two colours and I was hoping to get the red colour and initially decided I didn't like this one. but i did swatch it on my nail and it's pretty much clear. I did one thin coat and it lasted very well. I am planning on trying this in the next week or so.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil £4.50 for this size about £20 for 200ml. Again not something i've tried, i'm a bit scared of oil based cleaners as my skin gets greasy quickly. It does say it's suitable for all skin types but i'm wary. If I use it i'll let you know!

Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 This is a travel size I know full size ones are about £7 but there are always offers. This smells amazing, I've put this away for my holiday.

Tony and Guy Volume Whip £7.19 again this is full sized. I haven't used it yet but I like the sound of it. I'm going to use it next time I go out.

I did say I wanted to post after i'd used the products and so far it's I've given this away, I've put that to one side, I'm a bit scared of that!!

Next up the products I have used and the real reasons I know i've got my moneys worth!!!

Bourjois Cream Blush 01 £7.99. I am on an eternal quest to get the right blusher. I no matter how many YouTube videos I watch I never feel like I can get it right on me. This little pot is fab as it's really easy to control when I put it on and the colour is lovely.

Illamasqua £18.50 This is one of the new nudes (say that fast 5 times!) This is a brand i've been a bit scared of, it's so fancy and intimidating but when I saw there would be one of these lipsticks in the box I was excited, there are 7 nude shades and I like 4/7. I was please that I did get one of the ones I liked. While I could never justify £18.50 on one lippy this more than covers the cost of the box. It's something I have used and will continue to use and because I didn't pay full for it i'm not scared of it. It goes on easily but I haven't really noticed how long wearing it is. I will pay attention next time

Magnifibers £21 (I think this is the RRP) Wow, I was dubious. I was like what white fluff will make me have long lashes but I love this stuff. I expected it to irritate my eyes but it doesn't. I have long lashes naturally and it really does make them look longer and thicker. I've been using this with a very cheap and basic Essence mascara and I don't think it looks clumpy. I tried it with my Benfit Bad Gal Lash and didn't like it but that had come undone in my makeup bag so i'm blaming it on it being a bit dry rather than the combination itself.

Based on these three items it was a great box. I hope they do more collaborations. I'll report back when I use more of the products in this box

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  1. I hold you responsible for me accidentally purchasing the The Glamour Beauty Power List Box after reading this post!!
    Paula x

  2. Ops sorry. I accidentally bought it as well. For me I don't think it's as good as this box but I haven't had time to try everything.

    The primer is great and i love which the liz earl hot cloth cleanser. I think they cover the cost of the box itself. The jury is out on the mascara at the moment.



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