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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A couple of months ago I was asked if I wanted to try a hair growth treatment and as i'd run out of my Lee Stafford treatment I decided to give it ago.

Despite cutting my hair I'm still trying to grow it and I'm hoping it won't belong before I can tie it all back in a pony tail (A plait would be amazing)

I was sent the Meado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment by Old Wives Tail and it retails for £13.99 with Free P&P (my favourite thing)

It smells amazing, it is an oil so for me a little goes a long way.

You massage it in to wet hair and leave on for an hour. I must admit I have only once left it on that long and I can't say I've noticed much of a difference from leaving it on for 30 mins or a hour but my hair is naturally very oily so this could be why.

You then rinse your hair, shampoo and rinse until it runs clear and condition the ends if you feel it needs it. I have been conditioning the end but i'm one of those people who likes to use matching shampoo and conditioner at all times.

My hair has grown in the couple of months I've been using this. It is also really shiny and health looking.

I've been dying my hair blonder and blonder over the past few months and I have no dry or frazzled ends and I'm sure this is helping.

It is an expensive treatment but I feel you are paying for a good quality product. As i've said a little goes a long way and I think this will last me a good while yet. 

It used certified organic ingredients only, it is sulphate and parben free as well as being gulten free suitable for vegans and vegetarian . They also don't test on animals. 

if you're looking for a hair treatment i'd say this is a good one to try. 

Do you use hair treatments? I'd love to know what you use? 

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